​SGSA ​Grant Application

In an effort to support the development of a professional, scholastic and social community within SOLES, the SGSA will award supplemental grants up to the amount of $200.00 per semester to SOLES graduate students who wish to participate in various professional development opportunities. Funding is limited, and grants are awarded based on number of requests, current SGSA budget, and other criteria established by the SGSA. The SGSA encourages graduate students to seek out new and innovative methods of learning through activities that are outside the traditional classroom experience. In order to be considered for a grant, graduate students must be in good standing with the university.  

SOLES students are eligible to apply for up to but not exceeding $200 per semester based on receipts submitted and will be awarded as a reimbursement.

Fall Deadline:
November 1
for events that take place between July 1 - December 31.

Spring Deadline:
March 14 for events that take place between January 1 - June 30.

Click Here for the Grant Application and Guidelines

All applications submitted on time will be reviewed and evaluated by the SGSA Finance Committee immediately following the deadline. Please be advised that if you are selected as a recipient of a SGSA Supplemental grant, the notification of awards takes place after the submission deadline, and recipients will receive their funds as a reimbursement after the professional development opportunity takes place as you will be required to submit original receipts.

The SGSA encourages you to take advantage of opportunities to further your professional and personal development while at the University of San Diego. The SGSA looks forward to supporting your educational and professional goals.

Please contact SGSA with any questions you may have regarding the SGSA Supplemental Grant Application, guidelines and/or process.