​SGSA Council Positions


The President provides leadership to all SGSA Council members to ensure that their functions are carried out effectively. The President's immediate duties are to call meetings with Council members, to carry out appropriate legislation, and to be a representative of the SOLES graduate student population in the greater USD community as well as within the Graduate Student Council (GSC). The President is also able to conduct financial transactions in the absence of the Financial Director. The President's most important responsibility is to remain accessible to the SOLES community and to the Council in order to develop goals, priorities and policies that best serve SOLES graduate students.

Special Events Director

The SGSA Special Events Director works to bring about social, academic, cultural and educational events for both the SOLES community, as well as the greater USD graduate student community. The Special Events Director organizes events such as the Fall Welcome Event, the Holiday Party, the Graduate Luncheon, coffee hours and any other events as decided on by the Council. The Special Events Director also coordinates and manages these events through committees, and works to serve the SOLES student population by helping to create new events that enhance opportunities for learning and networking.

Financial Director

The SGSA Financial Director, in collaboration with the dean's office, handles all of the financial belongings of the organization and keeps full and accurate accounts of all expenditures and generated revenue. The Financial Director is responsible for: preparing the annual SGSA budget; disbursement of SGSA funds; signing checks, drafts and orders for payment; and handling all SGSA merchandise. Most importantly, the Financial Director works to ensure that your annual SGSA fee is used in accordance with the mission, values and goals set forth by the council on behalf of you, our fellow students. Whether it is a social gathering, professional development opportunity, networking event or community outreach activity, your Financial Director will work to ensure that the SGSA spends its budget in a fair, fiscally sound manner. The Financial Director is also the chair of the SGSA Finance Committee which reviews SGSA grant applications each semester and identifies financial resources that can help all SOLES students find anything from grant opportunities to an inexpensive cup of coffee.

Communications Director

The Communications Director shall be responsible for facilitating communication with students, including:

  • Coordinate the Communications Committee
  • Publish a monthly newsletter, e-newsletter, and regular announcements
  • Maintain SGSA bulletin boards
  • Maintain and update SGSA Website
  • Maintain and keep SGSA records
  • Assist the President with Council meeting responsibilities
  • Exercise the powers and be charged with the duties of President in the extended absence or inability of the latter, or when a vacancy in the President position exists
  • Have such additional powers and duties as are provided herein, or as from time to time may be conferred upon or may be assigned by the Council.

Program Representatives

The program representatives each shall report on the activities, proceedings, and policies of the SGSA to students in their respective programs. They will gather and represent constituent views and assist in the coordination of student participation at SGSA events. Program representatives serve on SGSA committees and are a resource to the Executive Committee. Other responsibilities may apply including, but not limited to, serving on University committees and attending events representing SGSA.

The program representatives are as follows:

  • Leadership Studies Representative
  • Learning and Teaching Representative
  • Counseling and Marital & Family Therapy Representative
  • Graduate Student Council (GSC) Representative
  • Doctoral Student Representative
  • First Year Representative

Interested in Joining the SGSA Council?

Applications are now open! Students interested in applying for SGSA council positions should submit their application by Monday, September 13, 2021 at 10am. If you have any questions, please email usdsolesgsa@gmail.com.

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