Restorative Justice Network of Catholic Campuses

Recognizing a natural alignment between the philosophy of restorative justice and the guiding ideals of the Catholic social tradition, the RJNCC encourages Catholic campuses to articulate and cultivate restorative principles and to assist each other in strengthening interest, commitment, and implementation of restorative practices on their campuses.


  • Community-building circles practices in classrooms, residential life, athletics, and student organizations;
  • Community-concern circles to improve campus climate, particularly around conflicts regarding race, religion, gender, and the red/blue political divide;
  • Restorative responses to student misconduct, including binge drinking, academic dishonesty, bias incidents, sexual misconduct, and intimate partner violence;
  • Restorative responses to faculty and staff misconduct and conflict that create a hostile workplace environment;
  • Civic engagement, including campus support, internships, and community engaged learning for community-based and prison-based RJ initiatives and in K-12 schools.
  • Scholarship on the theory and practice of RJ and the convergence of RJ philosophy and Catholic social thought.
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RJNCC Planning Team

  • Sean Horrigan, University of San Diego
  • David Karp, University of San Diego 
  • Brandyn Woodard, College of St. Benedict
  • Heather Kimball, Georgetown University
  • Paula Smith, Gonzaga University
  • Zahra Ahmed, Saint Mary's College of CA
  • Olajiwon McCadney, Nazareth College
  • Bill Fisher, University of Dayton
  • Sheila McMahon, Barry University 
  • Schoene Mahmood, Loyola Marymount University 
  • Dan Kelly, Loyola University Maryland
  • Sara Kitchen, Chestnut Hill College
  • Allison Berger, Fairfield University 
  • Jennifer Mcerlean, Siena College
  • Robert Ehnow, Diocese of San Diego and Santa Clara University
  • Michelle Bemiller, Walsh University
  • Suzanne Neuhaus, Santa Clara University

Recommended Reading

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