RJ for K-12 Schools

Restorative justice is growing rapidly in K-12 schools. This project supports the development of RJ in schools. RJ in schools includes three tiers of practice:

Tier I: Restorative circles to build community and improve school climate

Tier II: Restorative conferences to respond to conflict and misconduct.

Tier III: Reentry circles to assist reintegration after suspension or other separation.

Read our CASE STUDY of a youth RJ conference process.

Group of female students, at Community Building Circle, South Glens Falls High School. Play Video
This video was expertly produced by two Skidmore College students, about our work at South Glens Falls High School. This 8-minute documentary demonstrates how powerful community-building circles can be. The video features two Skidmore students, Nick Papasian and Ruby Thompson, who skillfully facilitated a series of circles at the high school.