RJ for K-12 Educators

Restorative justice in education provides the training and support for schools to become educative in response to student misbehavior by focusing on repairing harm and engaging growth mindset. Restorative practices meet the need to address urgent questions of equity, inclusion and violence prevention in the K-12 setting.

The USD Center for Restorative Justice offers several levels of professional development for teachers and school administrators aligned with all SEL frameworks.


Teachers and school leaders have long recognized that social and emotional factors are crucial to student learning and development. School-based instruction in emotional literacy, communication skills, positive behavior and conflict resolution are becoming the new “3 R’s” of education: respect, repair and reintegration.

The goal of the restorative approach is to build and strengthen the relationships that exist within a classroom and across a school in order to create a climate of respect. When student misconduct does occur, restorative practices focus the student on repair of harm and reintegration back into the culture of learning. In restorative processes, all parties impacted meet together for a facilitated, structured process of collaborative problem-solving and accountability.

RJ in schools includes three tiers of practice:
Tier I: Restorative circles to build community and improve school climate
Tier II: Restorative conferences to respond to conflict and misconduct.
Tier III: Reentry circles to assist reintegration after suspension or other separation.

Whole School Approach. Circles of support and accountability, restorative conferences.

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Group of female students, at Community Building Circle, South Glens Falls High School. Play Video
This video was expertly produced by two college students about our work at South Glens Falls High School (when we were located at Skidmore College). This 8-minute documentary demonstrates how powerful community-building circles can be. The video features two students, Nick Papasian and Ruby Thompson, who skillfully facilitated a series of circles at the high school.