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Nurturing and growing the RJ community through mutually enriching dialogues and partnerships.


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Campus PRISM (RJ and Campus Sexual Harm)

  • The Campus PRISM Project (Promoting Restorative Initiatives for Sexual Misconduct) includes an international team of researchers and practitioners who are deeply invested in reducing sexual and gender-based violence by exploring how a restorative approach may provide more healing and better accountability. The Project is coordinated by the University of San Diego Center for Restorative Justice.

RJNCC (RJ Network of Catholic Campuses)

  • This group is for sharing information and networking within the Restorative Justice Network of Catholic Campuses. Please feel free to invite others interested in the RJNCC.
  • Recognizing a natural alignment between the philosophy of restorative justice and the guiding ideals of the Catholic social tradition, the RJNCC encourages Catholic campuses to articulate and cultivate restorative principles and to assist each other in strengthening interest, commitment, and implementation of restorative practices on their campuses.

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Rx for RJ (RJ for Education in Health Professions)

  • Prescribing Restorative Justice for Education in the Health Professions
  • The Rx for RJ Project introduces restorative practices education in the health professions as a way to address learner mistreatment and provide a community-building response to improve the learning environment.                                                                                           

RJ for K -12 Educators

  • Restorative justice in education provides the training and support for schools to become educative in response to student misbehavior by focusing on repairing harm and engaging growth mindset. Restorative practices meet the need to address urgent questions of equity, inclusion and violence prevention in the K-12 setting.

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Campus RJ (General Interest in RJ in Higher Education)

  • Restorative justice is growing in higher education and this group is designed to provide a space to share information and support one other doing the work of RJ in higher education settings. The goal of our restorative community is to share in a respectful way best practices, questions, advice, concerns, research, random thoughts, encouragement, case studies, harms, needs, and hopes for making our communities and institutions more restorative.
  • We hope that in a true restorative nature, we can decide together what our obligations will be to each other and how we will address the potential harms and needs of our online community.

Community News

Spotlight on Dr. Justine Darling

Meet Justine Andreu Darling | Restorative Justice Practitioner


Community Spotlight


#BlackGradsMatter Event

LTomay Varlack-Butler and Marvens Pierre facilitate a dialogue with panelists, Desiree Anderson and Derrick Cain on Responding Restoratively to Our History.