Center for Restorative Justice: RJ Training & Certifications | USD

Restorative Justice (RJ) — an emerging global social movement with many traditions and approaches — embraces community empowerment, participation, and accountability to address harm and strengthen relationships.

The USD Center for Restorative Justice promotes research, teaching, training, implementation, and support for restorative justice. 

Known for deep experience in tailoring training and institutionalization of RJ in higher education (Campus RJ) and other institutions, the Center also offers training and certifications for RJ facilitators; conducts and shares conduct research on the efficacy of RJ; and facilitates development of restorative justice for other organizations and community groups.

The Center for Restorative Justice

Housed in the Department of Leadership Studies and closely partnering with the Student Affairs Office of Ethical Development and Restorative Practices, the Center for RJ provides…

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  • Campus RJ (General Interest in RJ in Higher Education)
  • Campus PRISM (RJ and Campus Sexual Harm)
  • RJ and Bias
  • RJNCC (RJ Network of Catholic Campuses)
  • Rx for RJ (RJ for Education in Health Professions)
  • RJ for K-12 Educators
  • RJ San Diego (Regional RJ Community)