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Restorative Justice (RJ) — an emerging global social movement with many traditions and approaches — embraces community empowerment, collective participation, and personal accountability to address harm and strengthen relationships.


The USD Center for Restorative Justice promotes research, teaching, training, and implementation support for restorative justice. 

Restorative Justice for Educational Institutions

Bring Healing and Accountability to Your School

Bring Healing and Accountability to Your School

Educational institutions are at the forefront of innovation and setting the highest standards for equitable and safe learning environments. Restorative justice practices provide the space for learning and personal growth as well and meaningful individual and collective accountability for preventing and addressing harm when it occurs.

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The USD Center for RJ recognizes the very real pressures facing educational administrators to manage high caseloads, ensure fair treatment, minimize institutional liability, protect the campus community, and help community members address harm effectively.

The USD Center for Restorative Justice offers specialized RJ training programs.

Specialized Restorative Training Programs

  • Foundational Campus RJ for Higher Education
  • Restorative Initiatives for Campus Sexual Misconduct
  • Specialized RJ Training for Academic Medical Schools and other Health Professions
  • Adopting Restorative Justice on Catholic Campuses
  • Restorative Justice Training for K-12 Educators/Leaders

We have pioneered a robust remote RJ training experience via Zoom, conducted in concert with scheduled asynchronous activities. Or, we'd love to visit your campus to deliver our impactful RJ training in-person!


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"I was not expecting the strong sense of community we built (over Zoom!) was a great foundational course, both in terms of philosophy/values, and also practice!"

— Camille Lizarribar • Dean of Student Affairs • Tufts University

Restorative Training for Other Organizations and Communities

The USD Center for RJ adapts its same core restorative paradigm and orientation methodology for other types of organizations, workplace environments, and community groups, training and coaching them to effectively foster and institutionalize a restorative environment to remedy acute harm and create a culture of respect, empathy, trust, and kindness.

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Our Community of RJ Practitioners

We nurture and grow our RJ community through enriching collaboration. To stay informed and be connected:

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Restorative Justice Training for Universities and Colleges Restorative Justice Training for Universities and Colleges

The Restorative Approach, Explained...

Video of USD Trainer Pedro Flores explaining Restorative Justice
USD Trainer Pedro Flores Explains RJ 
David Karp is the Director of USD's Center for Restorative Justice

"Restorative justice is a way to prevent or respond to harm in a community with an emphasis on healing, social support, and active accountability. RJ includes a variety of practices with many rooted in indigenous and religious traditions. Some practices help prevent harm by helping people build relationships and strengthen community. Other practices respond to harm by helping to clearly identify harms, needs, and solutions through an inclusive and collaborative decision-making process."

— David Karp, Director of USD Center for RJ

Upcoming Workshops, Coursework, & Trainings in Restorative Practices

In addition to private RJ training's by request, we also offer various restorative justice workshops and training programs open to the public.


RJ & the Arts: The Art-Full Circle — IN-PERSON (1 Full Day)

JUN 24th '22 / $135

Best for: ANY restorative practitioners who hold circle for their classes or communities seeking to evolve their RJ toolbox and foster deeper connections.

Learn and practice art and play techniques that can create and nurture a sense of safety, deeper understanding, connection, and transformation in your circle practice. Creativity is one of the most powerful resources to tap into our own brilliance and wisdom — let's restore and rejuvenate ourselves while maximizing our ability to help others.

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Foundational Campus RJ for Higher Education — REMOTE (6 Weeks)

AUG 11th '22 / $965

Best for:  This immersive restorative training experience is specially tailored for higher education administrators, faculty, students, and other staff interested in implementing RJ on their campuses for community building, addressing campus climate concerns, and student misconduct.

Crafted explicitly for universities and higher educational settings, USD'stransformative Foundational Campus RJ training experience is a pioneering, hybrid-format restorative justice program that provides a firm grasp of RJ principles, practices, and facilitation skills, guidance about RJ program implementation, and key insights into the restorative mindset. This intense, thought-provoking, emotional, and spiritually-uplifting Restorative Justice training program consists of weekly, 3-hr live Zoom engagements in concert with a curriculum of asynchronous material and self-reflection exercises.

Foundational RJ for K-12 — REMOTE (6 Weeks)

COMING AUTUMN '22 / $965

Best for: RJ coordinators and district/site administrators for K-12 schools, superintendents, and others responsible for institutionalizing RJ

This 5-day immersive experience is designed to empower K-12 school and district leaders to strategies and lead implementation of restorative justice practices for yielding systematic transformation. Escape to San Diego in the spring and return equipped to champion RJ practices at your school.

(Exact dates and times to be announced soon)


Earn a Certificate in Restorative Justice Facilitation and Leadership
The Center for Restorative Justice and Dept. of Leadership Studies offer TWO RJ certificate tracks — Professional and Graduate

Earn a Certificate in Restorative Justice Facilitation and Leadership

The Center for Restorative Justice and Dept. of Leadership Studies offer TWO RJ certificate tracks — Professional and Graduate

Professional Certificate in Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice Certificate Program for Professional RJ Practitioners

For aspiring/current RJ practitioners seeking to elevate their skills
Graduate Certificate in Restorative Justice

Post-graduate Certificate in Restorative Practices

For degree-bearing graduate credit, great for aspiring/current USD students.

Both of these three-course restorative justice practices certificate programs provide a comprehensive introduction to RJ facilitation and leadership — via online coursework, experiential skill-building activities, and area-specific expert coaching — empowering participants to effectively lead the implementation of restorative justice practices.

Seeking a Masters or PhD in Restorative Justice Practices? Consider USD's specialized graduate programs in Higher Education and Nonprofit Leadership — pursue a special focus on equity-driven leadership and restorative justice, blending academic RJ theory and knowledge with hands-on restorative experience. Its curriculum also includes the completion of the Restorative Justice Graduate Certificate.

Graduate students can explore a broad range of restorative justice topics — some current and past RJ dissertation projects include:

RJ Heals and Restores versus use shame and guilt.

Heal and Restore versus Shame and Punish

Restorative justice approach vs. punitive approach

Advancing Academic Research in RJ

Advancing Academic Research in RJ

Housed in the Department of Leadership Studies and closely partnering with the Student Affairs Office of Ethical Development and Restorative Practices, the Center for RJ pioneers research on the efficacy of restorative justice practices in various environments and community settings, and also highlights and disseminates rigorous research and case studies for other academics and practitioners.

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