Strengthen Organizations

We connect faculty and graduate students with a variety of nonprofit organizations and philanthropic entities to provide them with the tools necessary to strengthen their organizations.

Cover of 2020 State of Nonprofits & Philanthropy Report, TOGETHER: Stories of Strength, Resilience and Innovation State of Nonprofits and Philanthropy Summit This informative day of research and practical learning opportunities will help guide San Diego's nonprofit and philanthropic leaders in creating, implementing and evaluating innovative and collaborative strategies for the future.
auditorium full of people and a stage with a panel of speakers Nonprofit Governance Symposium The Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium's workshops and seminars use a combination of case studies, experiential and interactive learning approaches for participants to be exposed to best practices, hear lessons learned and gain valuable tools of the trade in good governance.
classroom of professionals laughing City of San Diego Nonprofit Academy An award-winning educational program, the City of San Diego Nonprofit Academy has been designed to educate and support local nonprofit leaders in strategies and methods to maximize their operational efficiency, better compete for grant funding, and strengthen leadership skills.
classroom with different groups at different tables holding and discussing blue building blocks Lean Six Sigma for Social Impact The Nonprofit Institute has teamed up with the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering to develop the first-of-its-kind Lean Six Sigma for Social Impact program for nonprofits in the San Diego region. This unique program is designed for organizations to extend their mission for even greater social impact.
three students at individual desks laughing and listening to instructor Nonprofit Governance and Community Leadership Programs The Nonprofit Board Governance and Community Leadership programs offered by The Nonprofit Institute provide nonprofit organizations the opportunity to build on their strengths, navigate obstacles, and discuss strategies to become better prepared to meet their mission.
crowded room of viewers watching a presentation on a projector with several speakers San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative The San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative was established in 2011 as a network for public agencies to advance climate change solutions that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the effects of climate change. Partnering with academia, nonprofit organizations, and business and community leaders, the Climate Collaborative raises the profile of regional leadership, shares expertise, and leverages resources.
group of backpackers on a trail in the mountains Leaders for Outdoor Equity Leaders for Outdoor Equity is built on the premise that the health and vitality of all people and our great outdoors depends on the next generation of leadership in the public, private and nonprofit sectors to champion the wild and special places that we call home. This program includes a free module series and a cohort-based leadership program.