Resilience-Based Coaching

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Resilience-Based Coaching (RBC) is a space for reflection, resilience and renewal. This offering by The Nonprofit Institute at the University of San Diego provides coaching for individuals and organizations who seek to enhance their capacity to cope with the emotional stress brought on by the pandemic. Through compassionate personal sessions and by offering reliable information on supportive resources, RBC combines help with hope. We are responsive to the need in our community for greater compassion as we seek to meet the challenges of these uncertain times — together.
RBC is a holistic approach to wellness. We help those we serve gain access to inner assets and potential practices that enhance the capacity to cope. We provide emotional support for those who are in service to the community as well as to those in the larger community who are finding life particularly challenging in these times.
Our aim is to:
  • assure children are safe from harm
  • help families cope in ways that are loving, supportive and resilient
  • promote self-care and coping practices that are healthy and life-giving
  • engage the community in holding attitudes that are compassionate and affirming
  • attend to empathy and healing of each other in body, mind, heart, and spirit
  • seek healing of the environment — at our homes, through our organizations, in our communities, and across the planet
  • care for the elderly, vulnerable and isolated in our community
RBC offers social and emotional support to individuals and groups who seek to gain greater resilience to cope with the challenges of these days. RBC is also a strengths-based approach that enhances the capacity to heal and honors the desire to learn. Our private sessions offered by experienced and certified coaches help you to look for solutions within yourself right now. We help you to identity and exercise practices that can help you better address unanticipated personal, professional and emotional challenges that may stem from staying home and staying safe.
Those who may benefit from coaching during this crisis may include: 
  • nonprofit leaders and staffers
  • front line and first responders
  • furloughed and laid-off workers
  • professionals in hard-hit occupations
  • parents of school-aged children
  • elderly, vulnerable and isolated citizens
  • couples and families experiencing stress
  • USD community members
What We Offer:
  • INTAKE: An online intake and contract will help us determine how best to be of service. Once you complete the intake, we will be in touch in a timely manner. You will then be matched with an experienced volunteer professional coach.
  • COACHING: Conversations focused on building resilience and enhancing coping are offered. These private sessions are for you to explore issues and discover practices that help and heal. You may have up to three pro bono sessions.
  • REFERRAL: Information on additional resources and support will be provided if the need arises. You and your coach will determine your next steps.
Your sessions may be by phone or video conference based on your preference. 
Our services are completely pro bono.
Sessions are limited to three within a three month period.
We help you find your resilience.
We are Resilience-Based Coaching.

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