Nonprofit Governance and Community Leadership Programs

The nonprofit board governance and community leadership programs offered by The Nonprofit Institute provide nonprofit organizations the opportunity to build on their strengths, navigate obstacles, and become more prepared to better meet their mission.

Our signature nonprofit board governance training program provides individual and group development activities to enhance the overall board experience and engagement of each board member. The Nonprofit Institute works directly with organizations and board leaders to design solutions to meet the organization’s needs by helping to clarify board member’s responsibilities, board priorities, and board strategy. This includes facilitating and conducting the following workshops for boards of all sizes:


Board Retreats

Building a Diverse Board

Board Recruitment Best Practices

Responsibilities of Effective Boards

The Board - Staff Partnership

Board Assessments

With a focus on board development, our approach provides organizations with the opportunity to:

  • Understand the principles and practices of effective governance
  • Embrace the central role that strategic board recruitment plays in building an effective board
  • Cultivate an appreciation for the role that diversity and inclusion play in board development
  • Appreciate the role of the of each committee in supporting and strengthening overall board performance
  • Increase and demonstrate a working knowledge of nonprofit finances and the role the board plays in increasing sustainability. 


Current Programs

For more information please contact or 619-260-7443.