Develop Leaders

We offer a variety of leadership programs that develop effective leaders who are prepared to meet the complex challenges they face in their communities, their social circles, and in today's global organizations.

working professionals smiling in classroom Nonprofit Governance and Community Leadership Programs The nonprofit board governance and community leadership programs offered by The Nonprofit Institute provide nonprofit organizations the opportunity to build on their strengths, navigate obstacles, and become more prepared to better meet their mission.
group of professionals in classroom looking at blue building blocks Lean Six Sigma for Social Impact The Nonprofit Institute has teamed up with the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering to develop the first-of-its-kind Lean Six Sigma for Social Impact program for nonprofits in the San Diego region. This unique program is designed for organizations to extend their mission for even greater social impact.
group of women standing and smiling Conscious Leadership Academy The Conscious Leadership Academy (CLA) helps people create and activate new possibilities for effective action. These programs develop self-awareness, personal clarity, and the ability to understand and integrate individual, group and community perspectives. CLA develop effective leaders who can create innovative solutions to social and organizational challenges.
group of hikers in mountains Outdoor Leaders Initiative The Outdoor Leaders Initiative is built on the premise that the future health and vitality of our great outdoors depends on the next generation of leadership both in business and nonprofits, to champion the wild and special places that we call home.
group of young professionals smiling Leaders 2020 Leaders 2020 is a network of young professionals committed to a healthy environment, strong economy, and high quality of life in San Diego.
sunrise over mountain top Resilience-Based Coaching Resilience-Based Coaching (RBC) is a space for reflection, resilience and renewal. This offering by The Nonprofit Institute at the University of San Diego provides coaching for individuals and organizations who seek to enhance their capacity to cope with the emotional stress brought on by the pandemic.
group of professionals smiling in group RISE Urban Leadership Fellows The RISE Urban Leadership Fellows Program is a partnership of RISE San Diego and the Nonprofit Institute at the University of San Diego School of Leadeship and Education Sciences (SOLES). RISE's unique goal and commitment is to help identify and empower a generation of leaders who will not only bring our urban communities up, but also bring them together.
Smiling graduates Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership & International Cooperation This summer fellowship, funded by a generous grant from the Fred J. Hansen Foundation, is an opportunity for international and U.S. students to build leadership skills and better cultural understanding to help form a more peaceful future. Fellows receive hands-on training in team-building, public speaking, negotiation, mediation and working together to solve international problems.