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We provide research that builds organizational capacity, highlights the state of nonprofits and philanthropy in our region, and informs decisions about our quality of life.

woman writing something on a flip chart Research and Evaluations The Nonprofit Institute's Digital Library houses our public reports and evaluations, including our State of California, and State of Nonprofits & Philanthropy Annual Reports.
2020 State of Nonprofits Annual Report titled, TOGETHER: Stories of Strength, Resilience and Innovation The State of Nonprofits Annual Report and Quarterly Index The State of Nonprofits & Philanthropy Annual Report dives deep into the data collected from nonprofit leader surveys conducted throughout the year on the most relevant topics for the sector. Ongoing support for the State of Nonprofits & Philanthropy Report is made possible by the Caster Family Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research. 
aerial view of downtown San Diego and San Diego Bay San Diego Regional Quality of Life Dashboard The San Diego Quality of Life Dashboard measures and benchmarks several environmental and economic trends throughout the region and calls attention to the strategies and efforts in which local nonprofits, government, and businesses are working together to ensure San Diego County is on a path to greater health, wealth, comfort and sustainability for current and future generations.
crowd of people sitting listening to a presentation given by a woman next to a large projector screen San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative The San Diego Regional Climate Collaborative was established in 2011 as a network for public agencies to advance climate change solutions that mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the effects of climate change. Partnering with academia, nonprofit organizations, and business and community leaders, the Climate Collaborative raises the profile of regional leadership, shares expertise, and leverages resources.
bookshelf full of Caster Family Center completed reports Caster Family Center for Nonprofit & Philanthropic Research The Caster Family Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research provides research, evaluation and consulting services that help build the capacity of nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.
someone walking through the stacks of books at a library MA Program Best Practice Library The USD Nonprofit Leaders & Management Master's Program Best Practice Library showcases student group projects and reports that highlight regional nonprofits and best practices related to governance, advocacy, fundraising, finance, and more.
professionals in a roundtable format in a classroom State of Nonprofits & Philanthropy Summit After we disseminate the information from our State of Nonprofits & Philanthropy Report, we provide an informative day of research and practical learning opportunities to help guide San Diego's nonprofit and philanthropic leaders in creating, implementing and evaluating innovative and collaborative strategies for the future.