MTLC Spearheading Efforts for Local Innovation Cluster

Education innovation clusters are local communities of practice that bring together educators, startups, policymakers, investors, researchers and community groups. The goal is to improve the shared understanding of needs and opportunities so that more effective and more authentic tools and practices are developed to create innovative solutions to advance learning in education.

Each region’s network is influenced by the unique character and trajectory influenced by local conditions and the goals, perspectives, and capabilities of its partner organizations. Remake Learning in Pittsburgh is a well-established group that has created a PlayBook to share the design, and provide a case study to develop learning innovation ecosystems.

The University of San Diego’s Mobile Technology Learning Center is committed to developing a network to connect and accelerate innovation in San Diego County. Recently a team from MTLC and local superintendents visited Pittsburgh to learn about the Remake Learning Network and plan for the development of our own education innovation cluster in San Diego. The Sprout Foundation, the steward of the network, graciously hosted the team as we visited the Duquesne University, the CREATE lab at Carnegie Mellon University and the Center for Creativity. We gained a great deal of insight into the power of innovation networks and look forward to opportunities to connect partners across San Diego to ignite innovation in education.