​Tuition and Fees

Tuition rates vary according to enrollment status, affiliation and date of enrollment. All fees will be calculated at the time of each family's orientation, and the total annual commitment will be divided into equal monthly payments. With this method of calculation, monthly payments will remain the same regardless of the number of days that school is in session each month. Tuition for each month must be pre-paid on the first working day that the child is in attendance.

Tuition payments should be made to the office representative at MFCDC. For University employees, an automatic payroll deduction can be arranged for all charges. All checks must be made payable to USD. A grace period of five days is allowed for tuition payments after which a $35.00 fee will be charged. Allowing an account to become delinquent is grounds for termination of enrollment. A $35.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks, and future payments will be required in the form of cash or money order.

Early Termination of Agreement

If it becomes necessary for a child to permanently leave school prior to the end of the enrollment contract in August, a request for withdrawal must be submitted to the director in writing at least 30 days prior to the child's anticipated last day of attendance. If any tuition has been paid in advance, a refund will be issued. Registration, supplies and earthquake kit fees are non-refundable and subject to forfeit if the enrollment agreement is terminated before end of our contract year.

Required Paperwork

A packet of paperwork will be given to each family prior to their scheduled orientation. All required forms should be submitted at the time of orientation, and no later than the child's first day of school. No child shall be signed into the care of MFCDC until an office representative has determined that the required paperwork, including immunization records and physician's report, is complete.

2021-22 Base Rate

Monthly Tuition includes lunch and snacks

Table for monthly tuition rate
Full Days Cost Per Month
Mon-Fri $1,245

Non-Refundable Fees for all families

Non-Refundable Fees
Type Fee
Registration $250
Earthquake Kit $25 (one-time fee)
Supplies, full-time $150