​A Day in the Life of a Manchester Child

At Home

Give your child a healthy breakfast to start the day! Dress your child in comfortable, weather appropriate clothing that might get muddy or covered in paint. Give your child a liberal application of sunscreen. If needed, remember to bring extra clothes, diapers and wipes, and nap items.


Sign your child in clearly and legibly on the appropriate form. Be sure that the telephone number you write in the emergency contact box is one that will be answered throughout the day.


Walk your child into his or her classroom and say hello to his or her teacher. Feel free to stay and visit for a little while. When you ready to go, say goodbye to your child and have a great day!

Meanwhile, in the morning

Your child will be engaged in a routine of fun and stimulating activities in and around the classroom. He or she will soon begin to know what to expect from each day, but we will not always adhere to a set schedule that follows the clock. Each classroom develops its own rhythm of the day to include snack, group meeting, special activities, and most importantly, long uninterrupted blocks of free play time both indoors and out.

Lunch time

Around 11:30 a.m., our lunch is delivered by the cafeteria on campus. We enjoy our midday meal together family style, and everyone is encouraged to take "polite bites" of everything being served. Fresh fruits and vegetables are abundantly available, so we always have something to please even the most finicky eaters! When lunch is finished, we help clean up our tableware and get ready to either go home or settle down for rest time.

Rest time

All children who stay full day are offered the opportunity to rest on a mat that we provide. Most children sleep during rest time, but some stay awake and lie quietly to give their busy bodies time to rest. We value this time for the children, and hope to instill an appreciation for periods of quiet. After about an hour, wakeful children begin to rise and start their afternoon.

In the Afternoon

A snack will be provided around 3 p.m. as children continue to wake and/or play in the classroom. By 4 p.m., all children and teachers gather on the big playground. At this time, the sign in sheets are combined for a master head count, and parents use the afternoon clip board to sign out after 4 p.m.


Children can get very excited when they see that mom or dad has arrived to pick them up! They often want to show you the artifacts from their busy day at school. If you have time, feel free to let your child direct you around his or her classroom briefly, but please do not let your child out of your sight and if you have come in from the playground, be sure that none of his or her friends have joined you inside. Be respectful of the fact that the room has probably been cleaned and prepared for the next day, so please leave everything just as you found it. Be sure to check your child's mailbox and cubby for materials that need to go home with you. If you arrive at 5:30 p.m. or later, please let your child know that there is not time to look around the classroom on this day, but perhaps you can come a little earlier another day.


Talk to your child about his or her day with specific questions and comments. You will often find clues and prompts in our documentation and/or e-mails. You will get a much richer response if you ask: "Did you plant a seed with Michelle today?" rather than: "What did you do today?" If your child does not want to talk about school, don't worry! It has been a long, busy day and maybe he or she just needs a little time to process the information that has accumulated over the course of the day. You will often notice new patterns of make-believe play when your child begins a new experience. Listen and learn, and please never hesitate to ask us about anything that concerns or confuses you. After all, we are partners with the same goal!

Get a good night's sleep and get ready to do it all again tomorrow!