Begin Your Teaching Career

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela

The Learning and Teaching Department offers programs to prepare you for the preliminary teaching credential required by California schools. You will work with students in San Diego's own diverse community and start making a difference while mastering the teaching skills needed to make a real-world impact. Whether you want to earn a credential part-time or take on a program full-time, we have options available for you. Students who embark on their teaching career with USD have the opportunity to take control of their educational journey, with the option to add on courses and earn their master's in education along with their credential. Additionally, USD students are in high demand for teaching jobs, with nearly 100% employment at graduation.

Preliminary Teaching Credential Eligibility

Choose from one of the three credentials offered to begin bridging educational theory with in-classroom practice. This is the first step to develop the skills, strategies, and knowledge to flourish as an educator who makes a positive impact long after your students leave your classroom.

Are you interested in furthering your skills as an educator and researcher? Interested in career stability with a higher starting salary? Then pursue your Master in Education with your credential(s) and take your career to the next level.