Preliminary Multiple Subject

*Now accepting applications for Summer 2019

  • The University of San Diego Graduate School Admission Application and $45 application fee
    • Upload the following to submit your online application:
      • Statement of Purpose
      • Resume
      • Copy of Official Transcript
      • Recommenders’ Contact Information
    • Letters of Recommendation and International Transcript Evaluations must be received by the program deadline to complete your application.
  • A copy of your unofficial transcripts from the university where you earned your bachelor’s degree is required at the time of application.
    • Unofficial transcripts from student portals without a registrar’s signature are not acceptable.
    • Students who earned their bachelor's degree from an institution outside the United States must submit a course-by-course degree evaluation conducted by a NACES current member.  
      • Applications for students educated outside the United States will not be considered complete nor can an admissions decision be made until this degree evaluation has been submitted.
    • NOTE:  If admitted to the School of Leadership and Education Sciences, you will be required to submit an official sealed transcript from all colleges and universities from which you received credit, including community colleges.
      • Official E-Transcripts are acceptable only if emailed to
      • Transcripts from study abroad courses are not required.
  • A minimum of two professional letters of recommendation from a current supervisor or a professor attesting to both academic and personal skills, and if possible, to teaching abilities.
  • A current resumé or curriculum vita
  • The Statement of Purpose. Address each of the following three questions. Each response has a maximum length of 250 words, for a total maximum length of 750 words. When writing your response please remember that this is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your writing skills and academic readiness.
    • Describe your purpose for becoming a teacher. How do you hope to influence students? What do you want to contribute to the profession?
    • There is much concern about issues of access, equity, and privilege in education. What do these concepts mean to you? Describe an experience you've had with these issues. How did you respond? What did you learn from the experience?
    • To become effective educators, teachers need to be willing to persevere through challenges and learn from their experiences. Describe a time when you encountered a significant challenge. How did you respond to the challenge? What did you learn from the experience?
  • International applicants: International students are not eligible to apply to the credential program because they must be enrolled as degree-seeking students in order to qualify for a student visa. However, international students may be eligible to apply to our  Master's Credential Cohort Program: Elementary Education program, in which the coursework for this credential is combined with the coursework for a master's degree. Because the Master's Credential Cohort program includes a degree in its course of study in addition to the credential, international students may be eligible to apply to the program if able to secure a  Certificate of Clearance as part of their application requirements.

Admission Requirements

Standardized Testing Requirements

Applicants must pass the  California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) and the  California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET): Multiple Subjects and the  CSET: Writing Skills subtest prior to the start of student teaching in the program.  California state law requires that all credential seeking students receive passing scores on the CBEST and CSET prior to student teaching.  We strongly encourage all applicants to our program to have passed the exam requirements prior to the application deadlines.  If you are unable to sit for an administration of these exams prior to applying, you are encouraged to submit proof of registration for a future test date.  *Some program applicants may qualify to waive the CBEST requirement. Please view this page to learn more. 
  • Applicants who feel that their Grade Point Averages do not adequately represent their ability to succeed in a graduate program may find it helpful to submit Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) scores for consideration. However, the GRE is not required for admission.

Education Requirements

  • Applicants must complete a bachelor’s degree prior to beginning the program. Applicants may apply prior to completing their bachelor's degree. In this case, please submit your most up-to-date transcripts, and if admitted, submit a second set of official transcripts after your degree is conferred.
  • The minimum cumulative Grade Point Average is 2.75 (on a 4.00 scale) in all undergraduate and graduate coursework.
  • This program does not have any specific prerequisite courses.

Experience Requirements

Teaching experience is helpful but is not required for admission.


After an initial review of applications to the program, applicants may be invited to interview in-person or via video conference with the program faculty.

Application Process

Application Deadline

All application materials, including transcripts, test score reports and letters of recommendation, must be received by the Office of Graduate Admissions by the final deadline in order for your application to be considered.  View current deadlines for admission.

Application Status and Decisions

To confirm that application materials have been received or to check the status of your application, please log in to the  MySanDiego portal with your applicant login or contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at (619) 260-4524. Admissions decision letters are sent via US Mail.

Submit all application materials online, or to:

Office of Graduate Admissions
University of San Diego
5998 Alcalá Park
San Diego, CA 92110-2492

For questions about this program or the admissions requirements contact:

Office of Admissions and Outreach
School of Leadership and Education Sciences
University of San Diego
Mother Rosalie Hill Hall 149

Phone: (619) 260-7988

Students entering the University of San Diego and/or declaring a major during 2019-2020, should follow information contained in the printed course catalog (also known as the "catalog of record") published on April 1, 2019. Access the catalog of record at

The Multiple Subject program is designed for those interested in teaching in elementary grades. Completion of an approved California state Liberal Studies undergraduate program is helpful preparation for the Multiple Subject credential, but is not required. To demonstrate subject matter competence, all candidates for the Multiple Subject credential are required to pass the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET: Multiple Subjects) prior to student teaching. Some applicants may be required to submit a passing score on this test prior to being admitted to the credential program. 

Requirements for the Multiple Subject Credential

Required Courses
EDUC 540Introduction to the Nature of Language and Linguistic3
EDUC 581CMulticultural and Philosophical Foundations of Education in a Global Society3
EDUC 582Psychological Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society3
EDUC 583PMethods of Teaching Reading & Language Arts in Elementary3
EDUC 584CMethods of Teaching English Language and Academic Development in Crosscultural Contexts3
EDUC 585PElementary Curriculum Methods for Global Classrooms6
EDSP 589PHealthy Environments and Inclusive Education in a Global Society3
EDUC 590SStudent Teaching for Multiple Subject Credential Seminar 13
EDUC 590PStudent Teaching for Multiple Subject Credential Practicum 19
Total Units36

Additional Requirements

Passing score on the following exams: CBEST or CSET: Writing Skills Assessment, CSET: Multiple Subjects, RICA. The CBEST or CSET: Writing Skills Assessment and CSET exams must be passed prior to student teaching;

  • U.S. Constitution requirement;
  • Fitness to Teach: Admission to the credential program does not guarantee the opportunity to student teach. Placement is based upon assessment of candidates’ knowledge, skills and dispositions in coursework and fieldwork. In addition, all candidates must be cleared through the CTC certificate of clearance; and,
  • Grades of B- or better are required in all credential courses, including student teaching; and,
  • CPR certification infant, child and adult.

Exit Requirement

Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA)