Take Your Teaching Career to the Next Level

MEd in Curriculum and Instruction

Students who embark on their teaching career with USD have the opportunity to take control of their educational journey. Whether you want to work full-time and earn a degree part-time or take on a program full-time, we have options available for you.

Did you know?

Did you know that earning a Masters in Education can benefit your teaching career, both personally and professionally? Teachers with a Masters in Education degree: 

  • Acquire deeper insight into the theoretical and practical applications of education theory
  • Develop leadership skills applicable to the classroom and school site
  • Are equipped with to conduct research about teaching practices 
  • See an increase in salary and career growth opportunities

Program Requirements

Choose the credential that best matches your career goals while simultaneously earning your MEd in Curriculum in Instruction.

The program requirements include student teaching at two different grade levels, as well as a cohort-based curriculum that fosters collaboration and community. You'll graduate ready to be the teacher who makes a positive impact long after your students leave your classroom.