​Mission Statement

​The mission of the Department of Learning and Teaching is to prepare its students to address the needs of the multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-racial birth through adult student population and to advance scholarship that helps to promote this process.

Our goal is to create an academically rich environment, to engage our students in contemporary and innovative research-based practices and to develop teacher leaders who embrace a global perspective guided by our mission of addressing the needs of all learners in a culture of care.

Members of our department learning-community are committed to:

Diversity and Inclusion

We believe recognizing and valuing all forms of human diversity is an ethical responsibility. Our commitment to equitable education involves actively working to include those who are socio-historically oppressed; and providing access to high quality educational opportunities and the supports needed to participate and achieve in society.

Critical Inquiry

We believe that critical inquiry is at the core of the learning of our students. Critical inquiry entails analysis of positionality, privilege, power, and educational systems within social, political, historical, and economic contexts. Our students examine and analyze personal biases and beliefs towards the shaping of their instructional practice; critically and theoretically analyze schools of thought;  research theories and practices relating to education; apply critical inquiry to evidence-based pedagogical practices; and use educational research as a tool to create equitable, accessible, inclusive learning environments.

International and Global Citizenship

We believe in offering students local and international cross-cultural experiences so that they are able to think critically about education, social and cultural implications of linguistic and cultural contexts different from their own. A key goal is for students to step out of their comfort zone and experience self-transformation and understand their role and responsibility as global citizens.

Change for a More Just World

We believe that at the end of the program our students see themselves as Changemakers who are able to help develop youth who take action for the common good. This involves inspiring youth to make a difference by innovating, leading, problem solving, collaborating, practicing empathy, and advocating for a just world.