MEd in TESOL, Literacy, and Culture

A Rewarding Career Path For Globally Minded Educators

Change the lives of students, their families, and their communities with a Master's in Education in TESOL, Literacy, and Culture. Throughout the program, you will focus on culture, linguistics, second language acquisition methods, and the methodology of teaching English. You will also build an understanding of the complexities of working with culturally and linguistically diverse communities within the US and around the world.

Our TESOL Graduates emerge prepared to work in settings like community colleges, universities, adult education centers, language academies, and international schools. With over 150 hours of observation, teaching experiences, research practice, you will carry your classroom experience into the real world. Learn more about What You Can Do with a Master's in TESOL.

At the University of San Diego, you have the flexibility to complete your TESOL master's program online or on-campus. Both options offer the same curriculum and faculty support at the same cost; so what is the difference between an online and on-campus track?  

  • The Online TESOL track offers local and international students the flexibility of completing classes in an asynchronous format, allowing them to log in and participate at their convenience throughout the week. This also allows those with full-time employment to continue working without having to adjust their schedules to accommodate class times. The online option is only offered in the fall as a two-year program.
  • The On-Campus TESOL track is a wonderful option for those interested in studying in San Diego, California full-time, and prefer more face-to-face engagement with the campus community. It's a great opportunity to connect and network with your cohort and our many graduate student organizations across campus. 

Our MEd program also seamlessly weaves in the courses required to earn a TESOL certificate. This enables students to teach English to non-native speakers within language academies and most international school settings upon completing their first year of the MEd program! That means MEd TESOL candidates can take full advantage of the certificate's benefits while continuing to acquire the skills needed to become practitioners of assessment, curricular approaches, strategies, and activities in different educational contexts. 

Learn more about TESOL career opportunities with our latest guide: A Career Guide to TESOL Jobs for Global Minded Educators.

More Than Just a Degree

The goal of the Master’s TESOL program at the University of San Diego is to develop thoughtful practitioners, researchers, and leaders in the field who are equipped with a strong theoretical knowledge and pedagogical knowledge to work with students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds both within the United States and abroad. The uniqueness of our program lies in the fact that our candidates have opportunities to engage in sustained fieldwork and practicum experiences in ESOL classrooms throughout their program of study in order to prepare them for their field. Through this program, our candidates gain a deep sense of awareness and social responsibility to address the unique needs of their students within the diverse contexts in which they serve.

-Dr. Sarina Chugani Molina, Associate Professor

MEd in TESOL Highlights

  • Top 10 Most Beautiful Campus
  • Can Be Taken 100% Online
  • Small Class Sizes and High Faculty Engagement
  • Intensive Field Experience in the Classroom
  • International Experience Requirement
deborah sundmacher with two instructors

Employer Spotlight

The USD English Language Academy

As the Academic Coordinator of the English Language Academy, a rigorous English language program at USD, Deborah Sundmacher is always looking for outstanding instructors. "Currently, three of our 12 instructors are graduates of the Masters Program in TESOL. The program's dual focus on theory and practical teaching skills has produced professionals with the passion and knowledge to make a real difference in the lives of our students." 

Learn about our student outcomes and get inspired by your own career potential.

Jasmine Williams

Alumni Spotlight

Meet TESOL Alumna Jasmine Williams, '09

Having an MEd in TESOL, Culture, and Literacy from SOLES has opened countless doors to travel extensively and consult in various places around the world — 43 countries and counting. She has had the opportunity to work, short-term and long-term, in the United States, Haiti, Guatemala, India, and China. She is currently working at the Montessori School of Shanghai (MSS), which has been an eye-opening experience to the cultural norms and differences in educational thought and practice in mainland China. Prior to working there, Jasmine was a Montessori teacher and literacy specialist at a Spanish-English public charter school. She has also been an adjunct professor at a community college in Northern Virginia and worked at an adult education public charter school, teaching ESL at night. She says that “every day is an adventure and a mutual learning opportunity.” 

Student outcomes: changing lives near and far

After completing the MEd in TESOL, Literacy, and Culture, our graduates find meaningful work in here in California, in their local community and around the world. The degree opens up opportunities in places ranging from California community colleges to the International School of Panama to the University of Macau. You can explore your ability to make an impact as a teacher of English—while you explore the world.

Our graduates have also gone on to complete their doctoral studies

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