​Masters in Education - Special Education

Make a difference at a critical stage.

The Master’s Credential Cohort program is designed to prepare effective special education teachers through coursework and field experiences leading to an MEd in Special Education and Preliminary Education Specialist teaching credential with an authorization in mild to moderate disabilities. The program emphasizes the connection between theory and practice, weaving together university-based coursework and thoughtfully designed field experiences. Candidates in the program develop the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to flourish in their own classrooms, as well as the critical habits of mind and reflective practice that will allow them to grow as educators throughout their careers.

Graduates may teach in special education classrooms or they may co-teach with other instructors in classrooms in which special education students learn with the general student body. Some graduates also work outside the traditional classroom setting, with organizations serving students with disabilities. The preliminary education specialist teaching credential enables students to teach in the California public and private schools and may be transferred to other states (regulations vary by state).

Students can choose from the following 2-year track: 



Along the way, you'll forge connections between theory and practice, interweaving coursework with thoughtfully designed field experiences. Both classroom work and hands-on student teaching incorporate a strong sense of social justice and a determination to step outside our own cultures and comfort levels.

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