Field Experiences

Knowledge plus experience equals impact.

You'll find yourself in a real classroom teaching curriculum and learning management skills that give everyone the chance to be included and engaged. Our students have the chance to make a positive impact by working with students in urban and underserved schools as well as schools with high populations of immigrants, refugees, and others who could benefit from great educators. Throughout your field experience, you'll have seasoned professionals offering direction and support. So you can feel comfortable and confident learning with the students you get to teach.

Field Experience Sites

Through our field experiences, we strive to strengthen our connections within the learning community. Below is a select listing of affiliated schools and districts the department is currently collaborating with.

  • Cajon Valley School District
  • Chula Vista Elementary District
  • Chula Vista Learning Community Charter
  • Feaster Charter School
  • High Tech High (Elementary/Middle/High)
  • Monarch School
  • Mueller Charter School
  • Pride Academy
  • San Diego Cooperative Charter
  • San Diego Unified School District

Types of Experiences

MCC 2 Year - Dual Credential Program

Elementary or Middle/High School and Special Education

Year 1
  • 1st Semester - Practicum: 1 or 2 days per week
  • 2nd Semester - Extended Practicum: 20 hours per week
Year 2
  • Full Year of Student Teaching: full-day, full-time

MCC 1 Year Program

Elementary or Middle and High School

  • Practicum: 25 hours
Fall Semester
  • Extended Practicum: 20 hours per week
Spring Semester
  • Full-day, full-time student teaching

About Field Experiences

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