​Combined BA/MEd Teacher Education Program (CTEP)

A direct track to teach in California elementary schools.

Teaching elementary school is an incredible way to impact children at a vital time in their development. With the right teacher to help them, children can learn about their own power to create a more inclusive world through everyday interactions with their family, friends and community.

The SOLES CTEP program gives you the chance to earn a BA in Liberal Studies, a Multiple Subject teaching credential and an MEd in Curriculum and Instruction in just five focused years.

The real-life field experiences you accumulate in those years prep you to work in underserved, diverse communities and make a positive social impact when you graduate. And you'll leave equipped with more than just altruism and good intentions. You'll have the research, theories, tools and methods you need to make a difference.

Upon completion of the BA in Liberal Studies, students enter the Department of Learning and Teaching in SOLES to complete the Preliminary California Teaching Credential and the MEd in Curriculum and Instruction. Completion of this program allows graduates to enter the workforce in California elementary schools following graduation. So you can hit the ground running and start expanding your impact immediately.

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