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Our students are incredibly diverse in their backgrounds, research interests and career trajectories.

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Our Alumni

There are over 300 alumni of the doctorate in Leadership Studies. Our alumni include professors, researchers, educators, policymakers, school leaders, university administrators, consultants, executive directors of nonprofits, business leaders and more.

Graduation Year
Agan, Donna L.
Class of 2001
The Role of Education in the Treatment of Chronic Pain Patients: A Quantitative Study of the Factors That Influence the Self-Management of Chronic Pain
Aiani, Candace
Class of 2009
Developing an Instrument to Measure the Degree of Implementation of Information Literacy Curriculum
Algaier, Charles J.
Class of 2003
Job Satisfaction, Leadership Styles, and Teaching Practices among CNMI Public Elementary School Teachers
Allen, Kathleen E.
Class of 1990
Diverse Voices of Leadership: Different Rhythms and Emerging Harmonies
Amador, Sherrill Lea Hatfield
Class of 1988
An Analysis of Selected California Community College Chief Executive Officer's Perceptions of the District Governing Board Evaluation Policies and Practices
Anderson, James
Class of 2011
The Experiences of Expatriate Teachers in International Schools: Five Ethnographic Case Studies
Angelini, Phillip
Class of 2009
Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC): The Impact of NJROTC Participation on Naval Accession and Retention
Ashden, D.C., Richard N.
Class of 1998
A Theoretical Perspective of the Factors That Relate to the Functional Independence of Mature Adults
Atherton, Jeanne Davis
Class of 1987
An Analysis of Perceptual Differences and Congruities Between California Community College Chancellors and Presidents in Multi-College Districts Regarding the Decision Making Role of the Presidents
Ayala-Austin, Eliazer
Class of 2007
Validating the Experiences of Male Mexican American Community College Transfer Students Studying at Catholic Universities