Nonprofit Leadership Management Certificate for USD Undergraduates

Because skills and knowledge add up to effective change.

Champion the causes that matter the most to you by learning the ins and outs of managing nonprofit and philanthropic programs. The Nonprofit Leadership and Management Certificate program prepares undergraduate students for careers and/or volunteer leadership in nonprofit organizations. Students completing the 12 semester credit program may pursue a national credential from the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance

Skills You'll Learn

  • Financial management
  • Fundraising and grant-writing
  • Board development
  • Staff and volunteer management
  • Program evaluation
  • Risk management

Students also have the option of completing a 20 semester credit program to receive the Leadership Minor in addition to the Nonprofit Leadership and Management certificate. The program is recommended for sophomores and juniors. Interested freshman are encouraged to enroll in LEAD 185:  Certifying for Change-An Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations in their second semester.

San Diego has an influential nonprofit and philanthropic sector—and it's growing. Find national and regional specific statistics, as well as stats on qualifications, work environments and other categories.