Perhaps you had a great mentor when you were in college or, thinking back on it, wish you had. The Leadership Mentor Program (LMP) offers you an excellent opportunity to provide that type of assistance and advantage to a person who is nervous about starting out a new career. Students need someone who will provide them with honest feedback and a realistic picture of professional life. As a leadership mentor, you will gain a better understanding of developing professionals entering the workplace; their interests, skill sets and academic preparation. You will have the opportunity to shape these students into the type of employees and colleagues with whom you wish to work. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to connect, or reconnect, and engage with the Department of Leadership Studies, SOLES and USD.

Successful individuals with at least seven years of professional experience in their area of expertise who would be interested in contributing to students' success though mentorship may become mentors. Leadership mentors need not be alumni of the Department of Leadership Studies, SOLES or USD. But, they must have an interest and the ability to nurture a student's professional development, and have the ability to do so. They must have access to a network of individuals, both professional and personal, from whom they can draw on as resources to assist the student.


We expect mentors and students to communicate with each other at least once a month. Communication could be through an in-person meeting, phone conversation, video chat, email or text. The method you use and how often you communicate is up to you and your student. As a mentor, you get to select your mentee and you get to work with that student until s/he graduates or until one or both of you decides to discontinue the professional relationship.

Application Process

If you are interested in being a leadership mentor, please complete the very brief application that provides us information that can help us match you with potential students.

If you would like more information before you commit, there are additional resources on this website. Please do not hesitate to contact Leslie Boozer.

Resources for Leadership Mentors

Mentor Application

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