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Our Students

Our students include professionals from a wide variety of organizations across the nonprofit sector.

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Learning Outcomes

The outcomes listed below were updated for the 2019-20 academic year.  This work involved re-examining the goals of the program and mapping those against the curriculum.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. NP MA students will develop a deep foundational knowledge of the origins and significance of the nonprofit sector (voluntary action, philanthropy), its relationship to the government and the for-profit sector (domestic and international), and how the nonprofit sector is shaped by the larger political and economic environment.
  2. NP MA students are able to apply ethical standards and understand the implications of values based management and leadership practices such as advocacy for diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism to advance social justice through nonprofit research and practice.
  3. NP MA students acquire and apply relevant management and leadership skills related to nonprofit governance, finance, advocacy, public policy, and resource management.
  4. NP MA students critically apply social science research and evidence-based practices to understand and respond to community needs, facilitate culturally appropriate solutions, and enhance organizational effectiveness.

Program Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate mastery in concepts and theories related to leading and managing nonprofits.
  2. Illustrate a meaningful transfer of knowledge from academic studies to professional practice.
  3. Apply critical thinking and a synthesis of information from multiple theories, fields, and/or constituencies to draw conclusions and make recommendations.
  4. Reflect personal/professional growth and leadership capacity through experiential learning
  5. Demonstrate leadership on issues of diversity, inclusion, and multiculturalism through the development of a global mindset.
  6. Post-graduation alumni will demonstrate professional growth. 
  7. Recent grads will report high levels of degree utility.

Our Alumni

Graduates of the M.A. in Nonprofit Leadership and Management go on to leadership roles in the multifaceted nonprofit sector. They work as Executive Directors, Grant Writers, Development Officers and more. Here is a sample of positions our alumni hold or have held.

Job Title
Executive Director, The AjA Project
Associate Clinic Director Intern, Family Health Centers of San Diego
Project Manager, Corporate Development, Life Technologies
Activity Leader, Social Advocates for Youth Inc
Executive Director, Interfaith Community Services
Health Navigator, Catholic Charities
Director of Home Care, Rady Children's Hospital
Associate Director, Just in Time for Foster Youth
Director of International Ministries, Point Loma Nazarene University
Assistant Director, University of California, San Diego