​Leadership Studies Minor

Become an agent for change by pursuing the SOLES Leadership Studies minor

photo of President Harris and studentThrough hands-on experience, engaging in interactive coursework, classroom experience, and student-mentor relationships with faculty, come learn and develop leadership skills as a foundation that will serve you towards becoming a global citizen and future changemaker.

Learning Beyond the Classroom

This coursework uniquely takes you beyond theories and models as you explore the countless nuances of effective leadership both inside and outside the classroom by inviting you to bring your own lived-experiences to explore identity, diversity, and inclusion and creating space for in-class discussion and personal reflection. Some of the courses offered include: Women in Leadership, Outdoor Leadership, Group Development, and the President's Leadership Class (taught by President Harris himself). 

Fulfill Your Core Curriculum Requirements

Many of our courses fulfill the USD's Core graduation requirements:

LEAD 150 - Emerging Leaders
Core Attributes: Domestic Diversity Level 1

LEAD 160-Personal Leadership, Self-Inquiry, and Discovery 
Core Attributes: Domestic Diversity Level 1

LEAD 165-President’s Leadership Class
Core Attributes: Oral communication competency, Law - Experiential, Other
Prerequisites: LEAD 150-Emerging Leaders

LEAD 350 - Leadership and Group Development
Core Attributes: Domestic Diversity Level 2

LEAD 351 - Leadership for Change Capstone
Core Attributes: Advanced Integration

LEAD 352-Non-Profit Leadership Management
Core Attributes: Community Service Learning

Co-Teach a class

Our program also offers students the unique opportunity to teach some of our minor courses including LEAD 150, Emerging Leaders and LEAD 160, Personal Leadership, Self-Inquiry, and Discovery. It’s a chance for students to have hands-on experience to teach in a real-life classroom setting, to work with curriculum and to engage with students as an instructor.


Who can pursue the Leadership Minor?

You can!  The Leadership Studies minor complements all majors and can enrich your educational and personal journey.  We are happy to answer your questions about the Leadership Studies minor, please contact any member of our team for more information.

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Get Started & Declare the Minor

We’re excited that you’re considering the LSM as your chosen minor! Prior to declaring the Minor, interested undergraduates should reach out to our team members as we are happy to assist!

  • Current USD undergraduates must declare a major before declaring a minor. 
  • Students can declare their minor by declaration form found on the OneStop portal.
  • Students may begin taking classes offered in the program before declaring the minor. 

Meet our Team

If you have questions about the Leadership Studies minor, please contact our team below:

Name of instructors.

Llewelyn Labio

Doctoral Graduate Assistant


Novien Yarber

Doctoral Graduate Assistant


Ariela Canizal

Assistant Director for Community & Leadership Development 


Leslie Boozer

Professor of Practice and Interim Program Director for Leadership Studies minor


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