​Leadership Studies Leadership Minor

​Meaningful leadership is a learned skill.

Become an agent for change, wherever your interests, key causes and career take you. The Leadership Studies Minor at SOLES gives you hands-on experience to build skills that will serve you well as a global citizen and future changemaker.

This coursework takes you beyond theories and models. You'll spend 120 internship hours working in a meaningful environment that lets you put your classroom learnings to good use. And inside the classroom, you'll explore the countless nuances of effective leadership with courses like Women in Leadership, Models of Participatory Leadership, and Leadership and Group Development.

Through your coursework, your internship and your student-mentor relationships with faculty, you'll master techniques to make a difference in your immediate community and around the world.

Meet our Team

If you have questions about the Leadership Minor, please contact our team below:

Llewelyn Labio

Doctoral Graduate Assistant


Novien Yarber

Doctoral Graduate Assistant


Leslie Boozer

Professor of Practice and Interim Program Director for Leadership Minor