​Undergraduate Internships

Make a difference while you learn.

Undergraduate internships give you a chance to put your theories and learning to the test in real-life situations for causes you believe in. You'll select an organization you want to support and contribute your unique perspective to help them work toward their goals.

Each internship is rewarding, challenging and empowering in its own unique way: you might work with an environmental cause, help immigrants put down roots, work with developmentally disabled students, or nearly anything else that stimulates your heart and mind.

You'll walk away with sharpened technical skills, experience in a variety of team structures and experience working with teams toward achieving common goals. Every aspect can translate to the rest of your studies and bolster your resume when you step forward into your career.

We know you're up for the challenge. Here's what you need to do to get started.

Student Responsibilities

You're responsible for finding an appropriate placement with the help of our Director of Field Experience and your advisor.

Make sure you enroll in the internship course — LEAD 388: Leadership Internship I or LEAD 389: Leadership Internship II.

And make sure you've already completed the site selection process so that when you enroll in the course for the semester, you're ready to start.

Site Selection

Selecting the right organization for your internship is vital. Find something you believe in that applies to your career path—and the sky's the limit when it comes to options. You could work in an environmental nonprofit like the Living Coast Discovery Center or something that calls to you like the Institute for Peace and Justice. The Director of Field Experiences (DFE) will assist you in the process with input from your advisor.

To view opportunities visit https://sandiego.joinhandshake.com/login or contact USD's Career Development Office for an appointment to begin your preparation.


The site selection process should occur in the semester prior to the one you plan to register for your internship. This means, you should select a site this semester to be ready for your internship next semester.

If you're planning on an internship next semester, start the site selection process now. The 14-week semester moves faster than you'd expect. Students who are not prepared may be asked to defer doing an internship for another semester.