​Applied Projects

The emphasis on applied learning in the NLM program is what makes us unique. Since 2002, our students have completed more than 500 applied projects for a wide array of nonprofit organizations.

During the course of your academic studies you will complete approximately eight projects for a variety of nonprofits. These projects may include for example, board manuals, strategic planning feasibility studies, fundraising case statements, etc. Most projects will be completed by teams or pairs of students. You and your teammates will select projects for your own organization, your classmate's organization, or in some cases, organizations that have submitted a Request for Proposal for a project (this last category may include paying clients and is one way in which you can contribute to our scholarship fund).

Several students developed this manual to give you tips for doing a successful applied project. The manual tells you about tips for selecting your team, tips for selecting and communicating with client organizations, and tips for how to interact with the client after the project is complete.

The majority of the courses offered in the nonprofit concentration will contain one or more practice projects with nonprofit organizations. A student may not undertake more than 2/3 of his or her projects with a single nonprofit agency.