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Family Engagement and Trust (FEAT) Survey

The Jacobs Institute for Innovation in Education (JI) at the University of San Diego (USD) developed an open-access survey tool, the Family Engagement and Trust (FEAT) Survey, for schools and districts in California. The FEAT Survey is grounded in research (e.g. Bryk & Schneider, 2002) and was refined and validated through a longitudinal multi-cohort family engagement evaluation project. If you are a school/district administrator and interested in using this survey, please feel free to contact the JI for more support and resources that are available
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Technology Integration Panel (TIP)

To what extent do your teaching, learning tools, and environments support student-centered learning? How do you know? The Technology Integration Panel (TIP) is a research-based classroom observation tool to provide information to school and district administrators and researchers about the capacity of using technology to support student-centered learning in the K12 classrooms. Grounded in scientific research and refined by three years of practice, TIP is comprised of both theoretical guidelines and practical rubrics to help researchers and practitioners understand the unique factors that contribute to the capacity of using technology to support student-centered learning.  Learn more about TIP , read our report or try the tool.