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Innovation, STEAM and Virtual Learning

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Join us for this mini-webinar series exploring interviews with some of the industry's leading experts in online teaching and learning.

Previously Recorded Webinars 

Book Talk with Dr. Katie Martin

  • Book Talk with Dr. Katie Martin, Author of Learner-Centered Innovation
Come learn how having a learner-centered approach to education will help to transform your classroom, especially in a virtual environment. When learners are empowered to explore and learn how to make an impact on the world, they can become problem solvers and innovators! 
July 9, 2020

 Online Teaching Happy Hour


  • Interview with Ann Kozma, Educator Innovation Lead, FlipGrid
    Previously Recorded Webinar

    Ann Kozma
    Ann loves to explore, share, and contribute and has spent 19+ years dedicated to transforming education as a classroom teacher, Innovation & Instructional Support TOSA, and as an Educator Innovation Lead on Team Flipgrid at Microsoft. Believing that “Play is our brain’s favorite way to learn,” Ann loves to bring the fun and is passionate about helping others learn how to meaningfully integrate technology into teaching and learning.  She is a member of the Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2015, Leading Edge Certified as a Professional Learning Leader, and is a CUE Inc. Lead Learner. Connect with her on Twitter at @annkozma723.



Dr. Kerry Rice is a 2012 and a 2015 Fulbright Scholar, Professor and past Chair of the Department of Educational Technology at Boise State University. She is the author of Making the Move to K-12 Online Teaching: Research-Based Strategies and Practices (Pearson, 2012), and Blended Learning: A Guide for Technology Supported Learning (2015). She led the development of the Idaho K-12 Online Teaching Standards and the Idaho K-12 Online Teaching Endorsement, and was a founding member and served as Vice President of the Board of Directors for INSPIRE Connections Academy virtual charter school. Her research focuses on best practices in K-12 online education with articles appearing in the Journal of Research on Technology in Education (JRTE), the Journal of Educational Technology and Society (JETS), and the British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET), among other publications. 

Innovation, STEAM and Virtual Learning

 Light bulb and sky

Meet several Ed Innovation Experts in the field sharing their backgrounds, latest work, and creative methods for making a positive impact in education!

Previously Recorded Webinars 

Join us for a one hour introduction to learn how you can develop your innovation skills through empowering learners to wonder, to explore—and to become forward-thinking leaders. Innovation begins with you. Instructor, George Couros, MEd

September 15, 2020 2:30 PM/PST Previously Recorded Webinar 

Join us for a one hour introduction to learn how you can transform your organization's culture to produce creativity and innovation using purposeful play! Instructor, Alina Mitchell, MA
May 28, 2020
Join us for a one hour introduction to learn how you can turn your expertise into a successful business as an edupreneur! Instructors: Corey Bess, MEd and Matthew Evans, MA
May 18, 2020
Join us for a one hour introduction to learn how you can dive into learner-centered education and engage in collaborative activities to develop and iterate prototypes that will accelerate the shift to effective and empowering learning experiences for all students! Instructor: Katie Martin, Ph.D.
April 22, 2020
Join us for a one hour introduction to learn how you can leverage innovative leadership to make a great impact on learning and engagement in the 21st Century! Instructor: Darryl Adams, Ph.D.
May 7, 2020  
  • Top 10 Online Teaching Strategies

Lisa Dawley, Executive Director of the Jacobs Institute, is sharing her top 10 online teaching tips. Whether you teach teen or graduate students, these tips will help you build an engaging, joy-filled virtual learning experience.
April 1, 2020
Previously Recorded Webinar

  • Online Design Toolkit: CARP Graphic Design Principles
In one hour, we're going to review the four basic CARP graphic design principles that will take your online courses and multimedia design from blah to yah, and explore copyright-free assets to take your design to the next level! Instructor: Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.
April 15, 2020

  • Find Online Teaching Jobs: Higher Ed Edition
Now more than ever, higher education needs qualified instructors. If you have a bachelor's degree, I can show you a path to an online teaching career. All participants will receive a free copy of "Find Online Teaching Jobs NOW!: Higher Ed Edition." Instructor: Lisa Dawley