Ed Innovation Guest Speaker Series

Join us as we host our Jacobs Institute Guest Speaker Series! Ed Innovation experts across the country will lead sessions on a variety of engaging topics in education.  This is an opportunity to learn, inquire, and network with industry professionals!

Make Learning Magical: Innovative Strategies to Inspire, Immerse, and Empower

Date: 10/28/2021

Time: 4-4:45 PM/PT

Speaker: Tisha Richmond, Author & Student Engagement and Professional Development Specialist

Do you wish there was a magic wand that would make boredom, complacency, and discipline issues in your classroom vanish into thin air? Do you ever imagine how different our schools would be if students were more than a spectator and teachers were more than a sage on the stage? Transforming your classroom into a place where students are inspired, empowered, and immersed in their learning can be more than an illusion of smoke and mirrors. In this highly engaging keynote session, you will discover how the following components can work together in MAGICAL ways to ignite a spark in every learner and create a classroom environment that comes alive in ways you never dreamed possible! Magical Beginnings Authenticity & Agency Gamified Strategies Inspiration & Innovation Creation & Collaboration Authentic Audience Legacy It doesn’t matter what grade or subject you teach… all hold the MAGIC! Discover it for yourself and change the way you think about teaching and learning forever!

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Innovation, STEAM and Virtual Learning Webinars

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Ed Innovate Live Conference

Our goal is to empower all students, teachers and education leaders to engage as innovators -- social problems solvers who have developed an innovator mindset and skillset. EDInnovateLive is the first national conference dedicated to address this need. Through powerful hands-on and networking opportunities for those in the growing field of educational innovation, together, we can inspire the next generation of thinkers, dreamers and doers! Stay tuned for future dates of this powerful conference!