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Sign up for the FREE, self-paced course, "Introduction to Online Teaching: Building Community!" Whether your classroom remains in remote teaching mode, some form of a blended learning model, or transitions to a fully online delivery mode, understanding how to successfully meet the needs of your students, while keeping your sanity, should be high on your list of priorities.

This course will support effective online teaching and learning in the following ways: 

  • Understand the key differences between traditional, virtual, and blended
  • Discover tools to support your virtual teaching environment
  • Build relationships with students and families
  • Implement effective time-management strategies

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About the Center

The Center for K–12 Virtual Teaching & Learning provides professional development and support to educators who are designing and teaching online courses. This resource serves as a community to share ideas, research, techniques, best practices, and industry trends.


  • Introduction to Online Teaching: Building Community!
  • Building Relationships
  • Support Your learning Community
  • Personalize Your Instruction
  • Build Your Digital Toolkit-Video
  • Online Lesson Design-A Balancing Act
  • Collaboration Online- It Can Be Done!
  • Engaging Learners From a Distance 
  • Assessment Online-The Simple Truths
  • Assessment for Learning

More Information

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