What We Do

People. Planet. Purpose.

Collage of three photos. First photo is a cityscape with people playing in the public fountain. Second photo is the behind the scenes of an on-camera interview with a San Diego leader. Third photo is a classroom of professionals looking at a presentation.

Facilitate Collaboration and Conduct Multidisciplinary Research – The Hub produces innovative and multidisciplinary research by convening experts, facilitating sustained cross-departmental cooperation, and developing inter-university connections. USD students from diverse academic disciplines directly participate in research projects related to their areas of study and career interests.

Develop Communication Resources and Targeted Educational Materials – The Hub leverages the research, communications strategies, and best practices developed by Climate Education Partners (CEP) through its $5 million National Science Foundation grant.

Provide Training, Workshops, Consulting and Student Internships – The Hub develops and facilitates workshops, trainings and conferences to educate civic and nonprofit leaders on how the growing and complex body of environmental research can be translated into effective local policies and practices. The Hub also disseminates resources and tools to strengthen the capacity of nonprofit and public sector organizations to address climate change impacts and environmental challenges.

The Hub Model: 3 Spheres of Work

USD's Strategic Pathways

The Hub Model is a Venn diagram with three overlapping circles. The top circle represents Collaboration and Multidisciplinary Research which includes applied student projects, cross-departmental knowledge exchange, and cross-institutional collaborations. It intersects with the Educational Resources and Materials circle through innovating educational models. Within the Educational Resources and Materials circle, there is communicating science, technical support, marketing resources and infographics and climate literacy model for leaders. It intersects with the third circle, Outreach and Trainings / Consulting Student Internships through cultivating the next generation of leaders. Outreach & Trainings/Consulting Student Internships includes engaging leaders, capacity building and scaling best practices. It intersects with the top circle, Collaboration and Multidisciplinary Research through strengthening communities and organizations. All these circles intersect in the Hub model. Within this Hub model, the Hub engages five of the six strategic pathways of University of San Diego.
The six strategic University of San Diego strategic pathways include anchor institution, access and inclusion, engaged scholarship, care for our common home, practice changemaking, liberal arts education for the 21st century.