Equinox Project's Quality of Life Dashboard

Is San Diego’s quality of life improving?

The Quality of Life Dashboard measures and benchmarks several environmental and economic trends throughout the region and calls attention to the ways in which local nonprofits, government, and businesses are working together to ensure San Diego County is on a path to greater health, wealth, comfort and sustainability for current and future generations.

Overview About the Data Dashboard State of Equity and Engagement in Neighborhoods (SEEN)


Air Quality

Worsened more than 1 percent from 2019 to 2020

Beach & Coastal Health

Beach closures from the Tijuana River increased; all other beach closures decreased

Civic Engagement

High voter turnout in 2020 general election

Climate Change & Planning 

New Indicator 2020

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle deployment remained below California average

Residential Energy Use

Residential energy use remained low among California counties

Employment & Income

Unemployment remained high throughout 2020


Total venture capital investments increased in 2020


Fewer people can afford to purchase a house in 2020

Outdoor Access

Number of residents who live near a park increased in 2019

Renewable Energy & Storage

Installed solar capacity ranked top among California counties

State of Equity and Engagement in Neighborhoods (SEEN)

New Indicator 2021

Traffic Congestion

Unusual traffic conditions due to pandemic Stay at Home Order

Transportation Choices

No change in the percent who drive alone to work


Per capita waste disposal dipped below state average in 2019

Water Use

Improved more than 1 percent from 2018 to 2019



Thank you to Our Sponsors & Partners

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