Experiences Abroad

As a SOLES graduate student, you will have the opportunity to interact and engage with other cultures while earning graduate credit towards your degree. Explore the different experiences and adventures our graduate students have shared.

Experiences in South Africa

Begin quote Traveling to South Africa with Dr. Jez was a life-changing experience and has been a highlight of my doctoral program. During this truly immersive experience, we had the opportunity to interact in the classroom around culturally-responsive educational practices with elementary school learners and university students, as well as educators and university professors. – Cristina, PhD in Leadership Studies
Begin quote My time in South Africa was definitely a highlight during my time at SOLES! The sightseeing adventures we went on, the food we ate, and the community work we completed all made for an amazing trip and learning experience. – Irma, MA in Higher Education Leadership

Experiences in Australia 

Begin quote One of the greatest things I took away from the Australia study abroad trip was seeing the world through a different lens/perspective than what I'm used to. I got the chance to see how substance use and addiction are treated in a foreign country and had the ability to compare and contrast their model of treatment with ours in the United States. Additionally, I got to extend my learning about trauma, ethics, and addictions by attending an international conference which was an absolutely amazing experience! – Carolyn, MA in Counseling
Begin quote Don't hesitate to apply! It has been one of the most valuable experiences I have had in the program academically and personally. You become immersed in the course you are there for due to the trip's hands-on nature and you become closer to your classmates. – Jasmin, MA in Counseling

Experiences in Belfast

Begin quote My trip to Belfast was life-changing in ways that I never could have imagined. Everything shifted as a result of our week together: my thinking, my understanding, and my view of the world, including our shared history, educational systems, and personal identity. Looking back, I can't imagine having NOT gone to Northern Ireland during my time here at SOLES. – Lauren, PhD in Leadership Studies
Begin quote Every new SOLES student should run, not walk, to participating in a Global Studies program like the one in Belfast about the role of the educational system in a post-conflict community. For me, this was a powerful educational immersion with fellow students. There were none of the usual daily distractions, only reflection and then more and deeper immersion into the experience. When I got home, I had visited an amazing country, learned from the people there, and had a dozen new friends on campus. – Peggy, PhD in Leadership Studies

Experiences in Argentina 

Begin quote This experience marks my third Global Study course through SOLES, no disappointments yet! This experience in particular really solidified it for me, but it is incredibly fascinating how SOLES and their faculty do a really great job with cultivating these relationships across the world-- having the opportunity to chop it up with prominent leaders in Argentina's social sector, US diplomats, and UN leadership, who can say they've done that?? The learning that happened on the trip reaches far beyond reading textbooks or writing papers, this experience was a holistic developmental adventure that we (and other Global Studies students) are so very fortunate to have had! – Novien, PhD in Leadership Studies
Begin quote One of the unexpected learning outcomes of my experience in Argentina was the impact of relationship building. We had so many amazing formal meetings set up for us however my favorite experiences were the ones that were informal, such as the executive director from MALBA inviting us to an exhibit opening night. We got to talk to artists and get to know the executive director on a more personal level and talk about possible job opportunities and partnerships. It was a night full of laughter and relationship building. – Caitlyn, MA in Nonprofit Leadership and Management

 Experiences in Japan 

Begin quote It was a life changing experience that I will cherish forever. I truly don’t think there is anything quite like this trip. – Monica, MA in Counseling
Begin quote During my study abroad experience, I became interested in the coping mechanisms the people in Japan used in the aftermath of the major disasters they endured. As we visited different cities and interacted with survivors, I realized that people, regardless of our cultural backgrounds, have such incredible strength to survive even in the face of horrific catastrophes. – Emily, MA in Counseling