SOLES: Jamaica COUN 510 & COUN 515

Jamaica Collage

LocationCourseProfessorProgram DatesPre-Abroad Sessions
Falmouth, JamaicaCOUN 515i: Multicultural Counseling
COUN 510i
: Career Development Across Lifespans
Dr. Ian Martin
Dr. Nedeljko Golubovic
Dr. Catherine Griffith 
Class activities run June 20, 2020 – July 3, 2020 Classes will be offered each day and attendance at all sessions is mandatory, given the condensed schedule. COUN 515: 6/8, 6/9, 6/10 1:00pm-3:50pm

COUN 510: 6/11, 6/15, 6/16, 6/17 1:00pm-3:50pm


Course Descriptions

COUN 515i: Multicultural Counseling (3 units)

COUN 515 will examine multicultural counseling, with an emphasis on being culturally responsive for work in clinical mental health and school counseling settings. Students are introduced to academic and experiential activities designed at increasing self-awareness as well as multicultural counseling skills. Gender, race/ethnicity, social economic status, generational, and regional identifications both nationally and internationally are among some of the areas explored. A wide range of exercises and reflection activities are used to in order to increase empathy, skills, research, and understanding needed for delivering counseling services to diverse clinical populations.

COUN 510i: Career Development Across Lifespans (3 units)

COUN 510 introduces school and clinical mental health counseling students to the theories and methods for providing career counseling, programs, services and resources to various school and community settings.  Participants will learn about and reflect upon the role of work throughout the ages and how work is a central theme within the lives of many people.  The course provides opportunities for participants to discuss and integrate modern career counseling theories into their future practices. Participants will engage in both group and individual projects to learn how to use career counseling theories, career counseling assessments, respond effectively to career counseling cases, and locate and design career counseling interventions and activities.

Estimated Program Costs

Tuition (reduced tuition rate of $780 per unit for a total of 6 units)$4,680
Program expenses (based on double occupancy)$3,000
Global Study Fee$350
Total (based on double occupancy and airfare not included)$8,030

Notes about program costs:

  1. TUITION for this program is at the reduced SOLES Global tuition rate of $780/unit.
  2. PROGRAM EXPENSES are estimated at $3,000. The program fee includes on-site logistical items such as lodging, classroom rentals, speakers, some group activities, meals and transportation to class activities. If you apply and are accepted to this program then withdraw, any costs incurred on your behalf will be charged to your student account. Any withdrawal on or after February 10th, all program expenses will be placed on your student account.
  3. GLOBAL STUDY FEE is $350. A non-refundable charge of $150 will be placed on your student account for all withdrawals after January 15th. Any withdrawal on or after January 27th, the entire $350 will be placed on your student account.
  4. ACCOMMODATION costs are built into the program.  Housing is provided from June 20 (check in date) to July 3 (check out date). Additional housing charges may be assessed if students drop the class after hotel accommodations are made on their behalf. Accepted students will be provided with further information regarding the group hotel and will be asked their housing preferences.
  5. AIRFARE is not charged to your student account. Students are responsible for purchasing their own airfare. Please check current airfare using your departure and return cities for a more accurate estimate.
  6. WITHDRAWAL/REFUND POLICY.  If at any point after enrolling in the program you decide that you wish to cancel your participation, you must submit written notification to the Global Center <>. A simple email will suffice. Students are responsible for all non-recoverable costs incurred by USD. Tuition refunds for the program are processed according to the same on-campus tuition refund policy established by the USD Finance Office


The application window for the program is closed. Applicants will be notified of acceptance by January 15, 2020. Once accepted, you must provide your flight itinerary by March 2, 2020. Further information will be provided to accepted students.  If you have already opened an online application, continue working on it by visiting the direct login page.

Visa Information

Accepted students should apply immediately for any necessary tourist visas. Students are solely responsible for obtaining their own visas. If you are required to obtain a visa, you may apply directly through the host country's consulate for a tourist visa. Contact Lindsay Allen, SOLES Global Center Coordinator for an introductory letter and proof of insurance if required. The information provided below applies to U.S. citizens.
Generally, all U.S. citizens are required to present a valid U.S. passport when traveling to Jamaica, as well as proof of anticipated departure from Jamaica. U.S. travelers coming for tourism will not need a visa for travel up to 90 days.

Additional Questions

Assistant Coordinator / SOLES Global Center
University of San Diego
Phone: (619)260-5901

Program Notes

Students accepted in this program will be required to take both courses for a total of six (6) units.

Program Details

Program Dates: TBA - TBA
App Deadline:

Program Location: Falmouth, Jamaica

Program Type: Graduate- SOLES

Advisor(s): Lindsay Allen -

Professor(s): Dr. Erika CameronDr. Ian MartinDr. Nedeljko Golubovic

Disciplines Offered: CounselingSchool of Leadership and Education Sciences Graduate

Program Cost