​Global Study Courses

Short-term faculty-led international experiences are offered by the center for each academic department.

Over the past few years, SOLES has offered more than 20 courses a year for our students in locations around the world and on six continents. Search for courses by term or by department. Three credit courses fulfill the international requirement. Please check with your department if a course is less than three credits. 


Fall 2020 Courses - Information Sessions

COUN 542i Addictions Counseling in Australia - Watch the recorded interview with Dr. Nedeljko Golubovic.

COUN 533i Seminar in Field Based Research: Proposal Development in Italy - Watch the recorded Zoom information session with Dr. Erika Cameron and Dr. Ian Martin. 

EDSP 589i Healthy Environments & Inclusive Education in a Global Society in South Africa - Watch the recorded interview with Dr. Rebekka Jez.

EDUC 579i Education in Post-Colonial Contexts in the Philippines - Watch the recorded interview with Dr. James Fabionar.


Maximum Number of Courses Taken at Reduced Tuition

Beginning January 1, 2020, SOLES students will be limited to a maximum of two courses for which a tuition reduction will be applied for courses taken as part of the SOLES Global Center programming. Students may enroll in additional study abroad course options, but will be billed according to regular tuition rates for their academic program.