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The SOLES Global Center supports and contributes to the international and cross cultural education of graduate students. The experience may be enhanced for those professionals who engage other cultures, are sensitive to commonalities and differences among and within cultures, understand multiple perspectives and the impact of global transformations, and are committed to positive change.

One of the greatest things I took away from the Australia study abroad trip was seeing the world through a different lens/perspective than what I'm used to. I got the chance to see how substance use and addiction are treated in a foreign country and had the ability to compare and contrast their model of treatment with ours in the United States. Additionally, I got to extend my learning about trauma, ethics, and addictions by attending an international conference which was an absolutely amazing experience! - Carolyn
My trip to Belfast was life-changing in ways that I never could have imagined. Everything shifted as a result of our week together: my thinking, my understanding, and my view of the world, including our shared history, educational systems, and personal identity. Looking back, I can't imagine having NOT gone to Northern Ireland during my time here at SOLES. - Lauren R
Traveling to South Africa with Dr. Jez was a life-changing experience and has been a highlight of my doctoral program. During this truly immersive experience, we had the opportunity to interact in the classroom around culturally-responsive educational practices with elementary school learners and university students, as well as educators and university professors. - Cristina P

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