Alumni Honors

SOLES seeks to recognize those graduates who have excelled in their professional lives. All SOLES Alumni are eligible for the Author E. Hughes Career Achievement Award. The Author E. Hughes Career Achievement Award is the university's highest honor bestowed upon its alumni.

Stuart GrauerCongratulations to SOLES' 2014 Author Hughes Career Achievement Award winner

Stuart Grauer, EdD '89
President/Head of School, The Grauer Foundation for Education/The Grauer School

Stuart has been interested in education since he was a young man, becoming the Principal of a Swiss international school at the age of 29, but he ties his path in leadership directly back to his mentors at USD.Dr. Stuart Grauer respectfully goes by the title of teacher in the hope that his life’s work can help restore some of what is historical and true about this title. He is the founding Head of School, The Grauer School, President of The Grauer Foundation for Education and Founder of The Small Schools Coalition.

In 1991 Dr. Grauer founded The Grauer School in order to establish humanitarian secondary education in Southern California. He is considered one of the nation’s top authorities on small schools and expeditionary education and consults and speaks widely in these areas. He has evaluated many schools worldwide, taught graduate education courses, and was awarded with a Fulbright Administrator Exchange to Argentina and, in 2012, an Ameson Foundation exchange to China.

Dr. Grauer’s writings and work have taken him many times around the globe and they been covered widely, including by The Discovery Channel, The New York Times, International Education Review, ASCD and frequently in the local press in his home town of Encinitas, California, where he has been named “Peacemaker of the Year” and a “Legendary Local.”

His new book, Real Teachers, has been called a “wise, lyrical, and liberating book” by professional reviewers, but Stuart favors the reading of a teacher from inner city LA:  “Not only did I lose myself in the eloquent narratives that Real Teachers provided, I felt a sense of affirmation that there is more to education than what we've all been focusing on."

Past Honorees

2013 Honoree
Jeff Carlstead, EDD '04
Owner/Manager, Carlstead Inc. Hotel Development & Management

2012 Honoree
Anulfo Manriquez, MA '05
President, Maximizing Access to Advance our Communities (MAAC Project)

2011 Honoree
Cynthia Flores, MA '79
Campus Director at Coachella Valley Campus, Brandman University

2010 Honoree
Rich Newman, EdD '05
Principal, Monterey Ridge Elementary

2009 Honoree
Patricia A. Makokis, EdD '00
Blue Quills First Nations College

2009 Honoree
Leona Makokis, EdD '01
Blue Quills First Nations College

2008 Honoree
Rabbi Laurie E. Coskey, EdD '00
Executive Director, Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice of San Diego County

2007 Honoree
Rebecca C. Smith, M.Ed '93
Vice President Communications, San DIego Workforce Partnership

2006 Honoree
Juanita Santos Nacu, MA '90, EdD '98
Educator of Heritage & Tagalong, University of California, San Diego