​Scholarships and Grants

Start your journey by exploring scholarships.

Our scholarship and grant programs are designed to make graduate school more accessible to you. We have a dedicated team at SOLES helping students navigate the options available, since it is our goal to welcome students from a diverse range of cultures, backgrounds and perspectives.

There are a wide range of scholarships available, including diversity-based, merit-based, and others. Below you can explore your options, and if you're an applicant from the U.S., be sure to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before applying for additional funding.

Due to COVID 19, please be sure to email all scholarship applications and any questions to soles-scholarships@sandiego.edu

SOLES Departmental Scholarships

There are special scholarships available within each SOLES department for students pursuing those degree programs. Have a look at the options that may be available for you:

SOLES-wide Scholarships and Assistance Programs

You may be eligible for one of these scholarship and grant programs offered through the Dean's Office.

  • SOLES Diversity Scholarship
  • SOLES Global Studies Scholar Award
  • W. Scott McIntyre Memorial Scholarship
  • SOLES Graduate Student Association Grant
  • Diocese of San Diego Employee Scholarship
  • Yellow Ribbon Veteran's Benefit
  • School of Leadership and Education Sciences Loan Program
  • Torero Network Alumni Scholarships

University of San Diego Scholarships

Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund

Created, funded and directed by USD alumni, the USD Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund was launched in 2006 to provide much-needed scholarships for all USD students (graduate and undergraduate). This scholarship is open to current USD students with financial need, strong academic merit and a desire to give back to USD or the local community. Typical awards are $2,000. Applications are accepted December through February and awarded the next academic year.

Outside Scholarships

The guide offers a variety of scholarships for graduate students, describes the federal aid available to them, and provides five tips to help students get more financial aid. This is an outside resource that is not affiliated with the University of San Diego.