Robert Donmoyer

Robert Donmoyer
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  • PhD Stanford University, Education
  • MA, Stanford University, Political Science
  • MS, City College of New York, Education

Robert Donmoyer received both a Ph.D. in Education and an M.A. in Political Science from Stanford University. Throughout his career he has explored the use—or, often, the lack of use—of research and evaluation findings in policymaking and practice. One line of research-utilization-related inquiry has involved developing and experimenting with a variety of innovative research and research-reporting strategies designed to increase the utility of research for practitioners and policymakers. The substantive focus of his experimentation with different modes of doing and reporting research has, more often than not, been educational leadership and educational reform. In recent years he also has focused on the nonprofit and philanthropy sector, especially this sector.

This new focus on nonprofit organizations and foundations reflects the fact that Dr. Donmoyer was a founding co-director of the Caster Family Center for Nonprofit and Philanthropic Research within the Department of Leadership Studies and is the current coordinator of the nonprofit and philanthropy specialization within the Leadership Studies doctoral program. He also has served as a consultant and/or evaluator for a number of foundations including the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Brother’s Fund, The Getty Center for the Arts and Education, The Ball Foundation and the KnowledgeWorks Foundation.

Dr. Donmoyer has taught the following doctoral-level courses during the past two years: Inquiry and Leadership I: Conflicting Conceptions of Leadership, Knowledge, and Research; The Policymaking Process; Qualitative Research Methods; Mixed-Methods Research Design; Seminar on Nonprofit and Philanthropy Research (LEAD 579); and Leading and Learning in Cree Culture, a SOLES international course taught primarily on the Saddle Lake Reserve in Canada.

Dr. Donmoyer has published articles in research methods, educational leadership, and nonprofit/philanthropic studies journals. His most recent publication (co-authored with his wife, June Yennie-Donmoyer and Departmental colleague, Fred Galloway), “The Search for Connections Across Principal Preparation, Principal Performance, and Student Achievement,” appeared in the April 2012 issue of UCEA’s Journal of Research on Leadership Education. In addition, two other single-authored publications, “Two (Very) Different Worlds: The Cultures of Policymaking and Qualitative Research” and “Can Qualitative Researchers Answer Policymakers’ What-Works Question?” appear in recent issues of the journal Qualitative Inquiry.

Scholarly Work

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