David C. Facer


  • PhD, University of San Diego, Leadership Studies
  • MS, University of San Diego, Executive Leadership
  • BS, Villanova University, Business Administration

David is a pragmatic and purpose-centered coach and consultant in the area of personal integration, motivation, employee work passion, group dynamics, and executive leadership. David works with middle to senior level executives to enrich the leadership they offer others by grounding it in an uncommonly deep understanding of the human dynamics operating beneath the results they see and expect. Such powerful and hidden forces are vitally important to understand and master because--like culture--they "eat strategy (and the best laid plans) for lunch." They are also chronically underemphasized in business education. David's clients include leaders in multinationals in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, as well as owners of small businesses in California. A former small business owner, and corporate executive in the US and Europe, he earned a Bachelors degree in business administration from Villanova School of Business, and a Master's degree in executive leadership at University of San Diego. He earned a doctorate in organizational leadership, also at University of San Diego.