Stacey Kasendorf


  • M.Ed. George Mason University, Learning Disabilities

Stacey Kasendorf has been in the field of education for 38 years. Her experience includes classroom teaching for special education students, diagnostic assessment, and supervising new teachers. Once out of the classroom,  Kasendorf became a program specialist, a job she enjoyed in several districts. Presently, Kasendorf holds teaching positions at both USD and SDSU.  In addition to her teaching, Kasendorf is an educational consultant, working in more than 20 states throughout the country. Currently, she supervises monitors, and coaches teachers and staff at a school in Red River Parish, Shreveport, Louisiana. She has held this position for the past nine years. Kasendorf is an active member of the Council for Exceptional Children, Phi Delta Kappa, and the Association for Direct Instruction. She has written papers for the ADI journal. Her most recent honor is that of Outstanding Faculty Member for a student at SDSU.