​MA in School Counseling

Make an impact today on the leaders of tomorrow.

School counselors are social justice activists in action. In the SOLES Master of Arts in School Counseling program, you'll learn how to step in and help kids overcome significant challenges during their most formative years. The program offers two different tracks, each of which provide fulfilling opportunities to guide diverse populations of underserved students.

Through personalized learning and real-world experience in either track, you'll learn to help young minds from a variety of backgrounds. You'll offer students support and guidance as they navigate their school-age years. You may work with students whose needs are culturally sensitive or specific to their social identities, such as the children who are refugees, are in foster care or are in domestic violence situations.

Our program supports your development as a community leader and to inspire young students to do the same. Making an impact during students' most critical developmental years is one of the most effective ways to weave multiculturalism, social justice and holistic well-being into our society.

Specialization Options

  • Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) - 48 units
  • PPS credential with Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) eligibility - 60 units

You'll complete the required coursework, applied research and an exit requirement to graduate. You can complete the 48-unit PPS credential track and work as a professional school counselor in elementary, middle and high school settings. You can also add one year to your coursework and complete our 60-unit track to become eligible for licensure as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Intern (LPCC). This second option is best for those seeking to make a difference for children and adolescents with special emotional and behavior needs.