​Learning Outcomes

Our Students

Students in our Clinical Mental Health Counseling program include individuals seeking to serve a variety of populations. Our students often have a background in psychology or other social sciences and most are seeking to enter the profession of counseling by earning licensure as Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCCs). View our student profiles.

Student learning is assessed using direct measures, such as: case studies, presentations, course/program examinations, research papers, portfolios, practicum/fieldwork evaluations, certifications/licensures examinations or capstone assignments/projects. Student learning is also assessed using indirect measures from survey data: Exit Surveys, Alumni Surveys, Community Partner Surveys or Employer Surveys. Collectively these measures allow us to determine the level and quality of education received by our students.

Counseling candidates will:

  • Outcome 1
  • Outcome 2
  • Outcome 3
  • Outcome 4
  • Outcome 5
  • Outcome 6
  • Outcome 7
  • Outcome 8
  • Outcome 9
  • Outcome 10

Our Alumni

Graduates of the MA in Counseling with a specialization in Clinical Mental Health Counseling typically seek licensure as licensed professional clinical counselors (LPCCs) with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) or in another state. Some continue on to doctoral work. No matter their plans, our students can count on the advice and support of our Counseling faculty and our Career Services counselors for assistance with next steps. Valuable information on licensure pathways can be found on the BBS website and the California Association for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors website. We take pride in preparing our students for success in their profession, as shown by the CACREP Counseling Program/Student Outcomes Data.

Alumni Job Titles

  • Mental Health Therapist
  • Therapist
  • Counselor
  • Program Manager
  • Program Coordinator
  • Treatment Coordinator
  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Intake Specialist

Alumni Testimonials

The following quotes were drawn from surveys of recent graduates and alumni of the program:

"The involvement and support from a select few professors was my favorite part of the program. Being taught by actual LPCC or professors practicing in the clinical mental health field was extremely helpful."
"I felt more professional than others I work with. I have felt like I had a broader range of education and was more knowledgeable than those I work/interned with. I also felt more supported based on hearing about other students experiences that were enrolled in other programs."
"Understanding theories and developing my own orientation and style through reading, discussing, and practicing is one important aspect of my education that has made me more effective. I have developed a self-awareness and enough knowledge to be intentional in my client interventions so that my clinical decisions are evidence-based. I also have experience working with other helping professionals in various settings and can work within a team context, if needed."
"The professors I had at USD provided guidance and support beyond all expectation. They are excellent teachers and professional role models. They were available outside of class, if needed, and truly care about the students."
"The International experience that I was able to have while taking classes was the most amazing opportunity and I am so glad I did it. It was a real treat to be able to travel while in school, and for not very much additional money due to the tuition cut for the trip. I hope that this opportunity is always around for future students."
Job Title