SHE Experience

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The Women in Education Leadership Summit is open to all, regardless of gender

We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation and exploring how to offer our programs in a virtual setting. If you have registered for an event you will be contacted with updates as we know them. Please reach out if you have any questions, and keep your heart open and your hands washed.

Diverse women smiling, laughing, and speaking at last year's SHE Experience Conference. Conscience Leadership Academy. SHE Experience, May 2-3, 2020. University of San Diego, School of Leadership and Education Sciences.

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Hear from SHE Experience co-founders, Dr. Lorri Sulpizio and Cristina Schaffer, on the importance of the SHE Experience and finding your voice and your power.

This is a critical time for women. We are tasked with being strong and vocal, facing fears, taking a stand, and through it all, maintaining the poised and collected manner in which we live our lives. We attempt to make great change in our communities and impact the world yet, we are still expected to be strong mothers and wives. Not to mention finding some time for self-care and personal wellness. The women’s experience is a complex and dynamic one.

The SHE Experience will inspire and empower women from all walks of life to discover skills and strategies to live and lead more courageously, making an impact in our lives and communities. 
We have a tremendous amount of power; the power to move things, the power to disrupt, and the power to drive change. Let’s tap into that power, harness it, build it, and watch as the ripple effect takes place.

Our time is NOW.

The SHE Experience will have multiple “tracks” so you can dig into what feels most relevant to you. Are you a woman in business who wants to become a stronger leader and learn how to navigate organizational life in a #metoo climate? Have you been wanting to connect to your physical self and live a life that feels anchored in “wellness”? Are you a mom wanting a stronger connection with your child, wanting some strategies to support the stress and anxiety that so many kids face today? 

Are you an energized woman wanting an adventure to become your best self? Are you a woman who needs to find her energy in order to become her best self? 

Join us. This is your tribe of like-minded women who are willing to roll-up their sleeves and engage deeply and authentically. We aren’t afraid of the hard conversations and are willing to speak truth to power in order to promote courage and share our stories. 


Dare to Lead - Bringing the teachings of Brene Brown for developing brave leaders and courageous cultures. The Dare to Lead track introduces workshops that require brave work, tough conversations, and showing up with our whole hearts. You will learn how to become a more conscious leader who can lead with the Vulnerability, Values, Trust, and Daring. This track will elevate your leadership!  

The Wellness Warrior - Blending mind-body-and spirit, this track will get you more connected to a life of wellness. Learn how to create a realistic daily routine that helps you feel your best. Learn specific strategies for tracking and developing wellness habits and setting and achieving goals. This track will bring more mindfulness into your life and help you feel physically, mentally, and emotionally whole. 

When Nurture Calls  - If there is one thing women can do, we can nurture. We can mother. We can give care. Often, a topic we don’t address, caregiving for a loved one is challenging in every way. Mothering is another role where we are giving much to others. Yet, parenting in today is marked by challenges. The influence of social media and the rising anxiety and stress kids face makes parenting the toughest job there is. The sessions in this track will provide resources, supports, and strategies for caregivers and mothers to find their best self in this messy process. 

Activism Acceleration - We have been called to action. Movements like #MeToo and Black Lives Matter are calling for our courage and our voices. Yet, telling our stories is difficult, and often it’s hard to know if we are making a difference. This track will connect women to their power through sessions around values, stories, rising and creating a strong group of allies so that we may move forward into a more equitable and just time.