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A breakdown of the events of the day
8:15-9am Registration


Let's get it started in here!


Breakout Session 1

Wellness Warrior: Owning Your Finances - What Women Need to Know to Increase Financial Wellness with Sally Bixler & Christina Gustin

When Nurture Calls: Radical Self Care - It's Not Manicures and Pedicures with Lisa Howe, MSW

YOU. LEAD. NOW! Women in Leadership - Moving Past the Conundrum with Aixa Morales & Mahealani Tolbert

Activation Acceleration: Power Up - Voice, Vision and Making a Difference with Jenni Prisk


The Power of Our Stories

Holding on to You in The Workplace

Erica Pinto, Geneviéve Jones-Wright, and Susan Tousi

12:15-1:15pm Lunch

Emerging Leaders

Signature A Cappella - UCLA


Breakout Session 2

Wellness Warrior: Emotional Eating - Understanding and Overcoming It with Sam Hua

When Nurture Calls: Making Middle Age Your New Prime Time - Owning Our Aging with Juju Hook

YOU. LEAD. NOW! Your Leadership Brand - What It Is and How Do You Build It? with Jackie Freiberg

Activation Acceleration: Burning Walls and Building Bridges with Aeiramique Glass Blake


Energize, Recharge, Connect

Suja Juice and Power Snacks


Express & Connect

Activity Session to help you connect deeper to your best self.


The Power of Our Stories

What Does It Mean to Be a Woman?

Lorri Sulpizio and TBA


Closing The Day

Nailed It!

A breakdown of the events of the day

A Great Start

Sunrise Yoga or Meditation


The Power of Our Story

Barbara Bry


Breakout Session 3

Wellness Warrior: Your Beautiful Self - Mind, Body & Soul with Tess Mauricio, MD

When Nurture Calls: Life By Design - Taking Control of The Life You Live with Moriah Meyskens, PhD

YOU. LEAD. NOW! Embracing Superwoman - More Accomplishment With More Joy with Susan Tousi

Activation Acceleration: Surviving and Thriving in a Triggering Era with Brittany Kirk


Focus Forward

Where Do We Go From Here?


The Journey Has Just Begun

We Finish the Weekend Stronger Than Ever