"The WHELS Summit challenged me to rethink how I interact with my colleagues and engage with my faculty. I found new strategies for some problems I've been facing for years. This was a great experience and really helped me develop as an administrator and a leader."
"What I loved most was the connections with the other women participants. We challenged each other, learned from each other, exchanged ideas together and really became friends."
"It has been an honor and a blessing to work with all of you, people who actually care about how people lead their followers. I do strongly believe that leaders don't need positions and titles to lead. Passion + active listening + communication = A LEADER!"
"Having an individual focus instead of a broad, generalized overview was useful and provided me with focused next steps and direction."
"It opened my eyes to certain things I didn't realize I was actually doing to affect my working abilities."
"The TLC [The Leadership Circle 360® Assessment] really got me thinking about individual areas that make up leadership as opposed to thinking about leadership as an 'amorphous blob'. The lectures and activities then further helped me to consider my performance in those areas."
"The activities got me to think about issues that I had no joy in bringing out to the open; but as a leader, I needed to face and shed light on."
"Activities were fun, very eye opening, and insightful. I learned a lot."
"I really had a great time and the activities really made me laugh and provided great opportunities for some real introspection."
"The overall experience affirmed some things I already knew and challenged me to stretch and grow in some areas in ways that affirmed and helped me understand my own leadership values and purpose."
"I loved being on campus. It felt like a summer camp with time for self. I loved the isolation from San Diego proper. This is a beautiful campus. Thank you all!"