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Lorri Sulpizio Lorri Sulpizio Director, Conscious Leadership Academy, Leadership Coach, Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator


Dr. Lorri Sulpizio is the Director of the Conscious Leadership Academy, the founder of the Center for Women’s Leadership at USD, and an executive leadership coach who pushes leaders to confront familiar patterns and grow beyond their edge. Lorri’s interest and expertise include the impact of gender dynamics, using group relations theory to understand effective team leadership, and helping leaders recognize the importance of authenticity and a strong sense of self. Lorri challenges people to do the inner work that sets a foundation for effective leadership and encourages people to explore their assumptions, thoughts, and the patterns that get in their way. She believes in getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and works with all clients to create a relevant program uniquely designed for their needs.

Cheryl Getz Cheryl Getz Lead facilitator, Conscious Leadership Academy, Leadership Coach, Professor, USD


Cheryl Getz, Ed.D., is Associate Professor and the Director of Leadership Minor in the Department of Leadership Studies at the USD. She is a certified Leadership Coach and lead facilitator for the Conscious Leadership Academy at USD. Her areas of interest include: using action inquiry and methodology to enhance the teaching of leadership; the exploration of social identity, power and privilege; the development of inclusive and integrated leadership development; and pedagogical approaches for strengthening cultural competence through international travel and exchanges. She is currently on sabbatical from USD exploring ways to expand the boundaries of leadership to include ones’ inner spiritual journey, both in theory and in practice. She leads the Mindful Leadership work for the CLA. 

Bo Bae Bo Bae Lead facilitator, Conscious Leadership Academy, Leadership Coach, Professor, USD


Dr. Bo Bae earned her Ph.D. in Leadership Studies, with a specialization in Higher Education Leadership, at the USD. She is a facilitator and leadership coach in the CLA. Bo has had the opportunity to spend more than 15 years teaching and advising students, training adjunct faculty, developing curriculum, implementing leadership training and workshops, and assessing program effectiveness and sustainability. 

Bo comes with experience coaching professionals around conscious leadership and utilizing reflection to analyze situations to promote self-awareness and enhance group dynamics. Bo's leadership work and interests include: introspection, finding one's inner voice, and building authentic teams.

Novien Yarber Novien Yarber Facilitator, Trainer, Conscious Leadership Academy


What Novien believes is his "divine order" has led him to sunny southern California where he is a Leadership Studies doctoral candidate at the School of Leadership and Education Science in USD. Novien is well known for his many diverse passions of socially-just and conscious leadership development, pro-social behaviors, and creative/artistic expression, all of which he is able to fulfill through his various roles—mentor through Big Brothers Big Sisters and the San Diego Foster Youth Mentoring Program, adjunct instructor at the USD, president of the San Diego chapter of the Gates Millennium Scholars Alumni Association, and professional artist and performer. Novien is driven to, “help the greater collective reach its highest potential […]” and is ecstatic that he has the opportunity to help facilitate such impact through USD’s Conscious Leadership Academy.

Cristina Schaffer Cristina Schaffer Facilitator, Conscious Leadership Academy, Leadership Coach


Cristina Schaffer has an MA in Leadership Studies and a BA in Communications. She is a co-founder and organizer for the SHE Experience - Women's Conference which was created to support and empower women in their personal, social, and professional spaces. Cristina has over 25 years of working for both for profit and nonprofit organizations. She has held leadership positions in sales and training, marketing, and development. Cristina has been involved in creating and organizing small and large scale events and cultivates her creativity as a freelance photographer. Working with the Conscious Leadership Academy, Cristina is dedicated to developing and facilitating leadership programs that uncover implicit biases while creating safe spaces to support self-reflection and crucial conversations to bridge the differences that divide us. 

Yihe Yang Yihe Yang Program Coordinator, Social Media and Graphics Director, Leadership Coach


Yihe is a passionate educational program manager and instructor with 5+ years of experience in China, focused on talent development and curriculum design, recognized in training and coaching excellence. She has a MA in Leadership Studies from USD and a BA in Software engineering from Xidian University. Now Yihe is a Ph.D. student at the USD Leadership Studies Program, with a specialization in Coaching and Organizational Consulting. She also has a certificate in Leadership Coaching. Yihe’s research interests include group relations, intercultural leadership, and comparative study on Leadership between East and West. Working in the Conscious Leadership Academy, Yihe is committed to presenting the team’s efforts and achievements through multiple channels to promote conscious leadership awareness.

Paige Milgrom-Hills Paige Milgrom-Hills Program Outreach Coordinator, Facilitator, Graphic Design


Paige Milgrom-Hills (she/her) is passionate about equity, gender, and spiritual justice for all and believes that storytelling is the center for connection, advocacy, and identity. Paige is currently a Masters student in the USD’s Leadership Studies Program, with a BA in International Studies. Paige’s interests of study include the relationship between tension and grace, and the willingness to bravely navigate the space in between. With over 10 years of experience leading teams and small groups, she highly values group-relations and community building. Working with the Conscious Leadership Academy, Paige is dedicated to thoughtful curation of experiences and space to do the work.

Elizabeth Laudert Elizabeth Laudert Leadership Coach, CLA Podcast Host, Facilitator


Elizabeth “Libby” Laudert graduated from USD with a Master’s degree in leadership studies and is a certified leadership coach. She is currently building her coaching practice, co-hosting the CLA’s podcast: The Adjacent Self and finding her joy working closely with the CLA team to develop and facilitate workshops and training. Her mission is to foster wellness and inclusion in the world by leading with compassion, practicing suspending judgment and tapping into mindful action. Libby loves reading (likely with a cat or two in her lap), practicing yoga, swimming, cultivating her jungalo (jungle bungalow) and watching all of the cooking shows on Netflix. She is also counting down the days until she can hop on a plane and see the world again.

Kendra Stewart Kendra Stewart Leadership Coach, CLA Podcast Host, Facilitator


Kendra graduated from USD with her Master’s in Leadership Studies. She has an ICF accredited Leadership Coaching certificate from USD and is the co-host to the CLA podcast: The Adjacent Self. Her 8 years of experience working with underrepresented populations contributes to her passion for working with BIPOC communities, helping them cultivate their leadership skills. Her coaching business, focuses on leadership and personal development. She recently hosted a Women’s personal development workshop focused on creating the connections of sexuality and spirituality for women. Kendra’s favorite things are her dog, Midnight; cooking; the LA Dodgers; and eating bacon-wrapped hotdogs.

Sabina Schaffer Sabina Schaffer Intern


As a graduate of UCLA, with a BA in dance and a minor in neuroscience (pre-med track), Sabina has been able to witness two very different worlds within education. One thing both the arts and stem have in common is that leadership skills are always necessary, whether that be directing a rehearsal or working as a part of a lab team. Sabina loves to take on leadership roles in all aspects of her life and strives to start and open up new conversations about diversity and inclusion as she moves forward in both fields. She hopes to bridge her passions, using art as activism to incite a drive towards systemic change in all fields especially the medical field. Sabina is very excited to be interning with the CLA team doing social media and developing a leadership workshop surrounding intergenerational communication and how to talk about social justice.