Who We Are​

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The Conscious Leadership Academy (CLA), founded as The Leadership Institute in 2001, brings an innovative approach to leadership development. Based on the premise that leadership can be taught, and the belief that people learn best by doing, our team of coaches, facilitators and faculty use an experiential methodology to help people expand their thinking, explore patterns and habits, and creatively strengthen their ability to make a difference.
Begin quote We believe leadership excellence is a inset. We believe in what people and organizations can be.
We are a team of scholars, leadership practitioners and students who work together inspiring both advanced leadership thought and relevant, useful action. We are a team committed to finding a new way to lead, as we recognize that the deepest problems facing us today can only be solved at the level of human development and a more complete spirit.
We invite you to learn more about the Conscious Leadership Academy and join us in the efforts to create a leadership practice that is more meaningful, more impact and leaves the world a better place as a result.
Dr. Lorri Sulpizio
"I am honored to be a part of the CLA team, and I believe we have methods and uniquely designed programs for developing leadership capacity that not only results in creative solutions to our toughest challenges but also brings leaders closer to their truest and best self. We value inquiry, curiosity, humility and a deep self-understanding. Doing leadership from this place allows for compassion and connection, and paves the way for leaders to act courageously while mobilizing others to create lasting change."
- Dr. Lorri Sulpizio, Director of the Conscious Leadership Academy